Master X Master: Top Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Master X Master

Here are the top eight tips/tricks you need to know for Master X Master.

1. Tagging in Will Save Your Life

• One of the most crucial gameplay elements in MXM is the ability to “tag” in another Master at any given time. You’ll always get to pick two masters to bring into battle, be it in a PvE stage versus a tough boss monster or in any of the PvP modes. And you can switch between them with the flick of the mouse wheel. What does this mean? The options are practically endless. Like being a damage dealer but hate the glass cannon feel? Pair up with a tanky juggernaut to tag in when a gank is coming. Or bring in someone with high mobility and gap-closing skills and then tag into a close-range assassin. Swapping a character breaks crowd control as well, but beware: There’s a short cooldown once you tag, so don’t let the enemy team bait out your swap.

2. Nodes Matter

• Don’t forget about nodes. They’re equippable boosts that you can use to augment your playstyle. Everything from added health, damage, speed, to even lifesteal and having your second Master heal over time while inactive. Nodes can be bought, traded for at the medal exchange, and earned as rewards from PvE stages. Make sure to pay close attention to each Master’s node compatibility. Nodes are 100-percent effective in PvE and Ranked play and 50-percent effective in unranked matches.

3. Lethal Right From the Start

Master X Master

• One big change for people coming to MXM from other MOBAs is the fact that all PvP matches have a time limit. This also means that there’s no slow start to PVP matches either; don’t be afraid to do some early roaming and pick fights – spending the starting minutes waiting in your lane is time you’re missing out on early kills.

4. Watch Attunements

Master X Master

• You may notice in Master selection that each Master as a red, green, or blue icon. These are their individual attunements, and they provide an additional level of strategy to consider. Red beats Green, Green beats Blue, Blue beats Red. If you’re struggling in a battle, make sure you’re not up against your unfavored attunement. You might want to make sure that you’re not taking two Masters of the same attunement so you don’t unnecessarily give the enemy an advantage over you. This extends to stages as well. Each PvE stage has an attunement. Look to counter that with Masters with advantage against it.

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