New ‘Destiny 2’ Trailer and PS4 Exclusive Content Revealed

Destiny 2 – Official PlayStation Exclusive Content TrailerGuardians on PlayStation will have access to the following exclusive* Destiny 2 content: Fight back the Taken resurgence in the exclusive* three player co-operative Strike, Lake of Shadows, compete against your fellow Guardians on the exclusive* Retribution Crucible map, and earn exclusive* gear, including the unique Exotic Sniper Rifle, Borealis. New Legends Will Rise on…2017-06-12T19:38:56.000Z

Destiny 2 is perhaps one of the biggest games of the year and players have been itching to get their hands on this MMO/FPS hybrid title. Announced back in late March, Destiny 2 took the internet by storm as thousands of Guardians tuned in to learn about the fate of not only the Vanguard but The Tower itself. There was also a gameplay live stream that showcased a bunch of changes such as a new weapons system, adjusted Supers, and even powerful variant on the Cabal.

We also got a glimpse at new planets such as the gorgeous looking Io and the intense 4v4 PvP game modes that will make up Destiny’s Crucible. While a beta date still has yet to be revealed, players were given another trailer that focused more on the Cabal leader Ghaul. While the trailer was light on info outside of this villain’s new appearance, we did get to learn what the PlayStation 4 exclusives would be for this title.

Players picking up Destiny 2 will be able to obtain exclusive in-game armor and a special looking starship. Like the original, there will be a console specific strike with Destiny 2’s dubbed “Lake of Shadows.” We also know that players will be able to earn the Borealis exotic sniper rifle and play on the Crucible map Retribution. We can confirm all of this content are timed exclusives until late 2018, so if you are set on getting this game on a different system don’t fret.

One interesting thing to note is that the Taken were briefly featured, which means that Oryx’s dark magic is clearly still lingering around the area. Now we can just hope those Taken Captains don’t blind us every three seconds like they do now. Destiny 2 also got a release date change to September 6 instead of the previous September 8. This will also mark the first time Destiny makes its way to PC and it will run with an uncapped frame rate at 60 frames per second.

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