New Friday The 13th: The Game Hotfix Addresses Roof Exploit on PC

Friday the 13th: The Game

Friday The 13th: The Game has just received another small patch on PC that is aiming to address a number of annoying bugs and glitches that players have encountered. Announced on Steam earlier today, this hotfix will address issues with achievements and various exploits that players have been using to cheat their way to victory. The most notable are the Packanack Lodge roof glitch, which allowed players to hang out on top of the building, while remaining completely safe from being attacked by Jason. Since a lot of XP is earned by just surviving Jason, this exploit allowed users to rise through the ranks quickly with little effort.

Here is the full statement by developer Gun Media on the issue and what their hotfix addresses:

Just a quick update on a patch that went live overnight;

– Fixed cause of some random mid-game freeze crashes.
– Fixed a memory leak for dedicated servers.
– Forbidding Hunter (Tommy Jarvis) counselor selections.
– Fixed an exploit with crouching back into objects.
– Fixed some achievements not unlocking when playing on dedicated servers.

This should end the Packanack Lodge roof glitch, various map escapes that have been found and you should see far less crashing now that we’ve localized the major memory leak issues. These updates will be happening for consoles relatively soon, but this should help with those that are getting connection issues.

Let us know how things go!


It’s important to note that this patch is only for PC users right now, despite the Packanack glitch being heavily used in both the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Gun Media has thankfully acknowledged this and have stated that an update is coming to the console version of the game. While there is no time frame for this patch, at least we know that the developers are paying attention to the various exploits people are using.

Make sure to check back with us when we learn more information about the Friday The 13th: The Game PS4 and Xbox One patch.

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