‘Pokemon’ Nintendo Direct Predictions

Pokemon Direct

Nintendo has announced a Nintendo Direct tomorrow that will focus on Pokemon. 

This comes right on the doorstep of E3 and will be an eight minute presentation focusing on all things Pokemon. This could end up becoming the long rumored announcement of Pokemon Stars. The stars have aligned, pun intended, for the game to be finally announced. Of course, the game could end up not being announced and we can put all the rumors to bed. We’d like to think Nintendo would get in front of this if it wasn’t Pokemon Stars. They have to know all the hype for this Direct will be regarding this game so it’s better to extinguish the fire now than to let it burn brighter for a day.

Eight minutes does seem rather long to announce a new mainline title but Pokemon Sun and Moon were both announced in a six minute direct. We likely won’t get many details about a new game so the eight minutes seems perfect for an announcement.

A Pokemon title has never been announced at E3 and this looks like a potential way for Nintendo to steal the show, despite this not even being part of E3. This game is said to be a Nintendo Switch exclusive which would bolster the lineup of the Nintendo Switch even further. It’s important for Nintendo to build on the early success of the Switch to keep the ball rolling.

We’ll likely see more details regarding some other Pokemon titles as well. Pokeland was recently unveiled and it is currently being test in Japan. Pokeland is a mobile title for iOS and Android devices that is a continuation of the Pokemon Rumble series. We also have the recently launched Pokemon Magikarp Jump, recently launched on mobile devices as well. It’s possible Nintendo could shed more light on that game and its future. Of course, we still have the ever-popular Pokemon Go, which is nearing its first birthday. We could see an announcement regarding an anniversary event or something of the sort.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are still going strong. The tiny tourney starts June 14 and it’s a new Pokemon Online Competition. Participants will only be able to use Pokemon who stand less than one meter tall and will be be gifted three Mega Stones for entering the event.

You’ll be able to catch the live stream of tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct here tomorrow at 7 a.m. PT/10 a.m. ET. What do you think will be talked about during this Direct? Let us know in the comments below!