‘Overwatch’: Hammond Could Still Be Coming

Winston Overwatch

Overwatch has a history of teasing its players with new content. This past Monday, Overwatch teased new content in the form of cryptic messages on the Lunar Space Colony, a possible map on the Moon. Two days later, the map was officially announced and entered the Public Test Realm. However, all that did was solve one of the two mysteries.

While the messages looked to focus mostly on the Horizon Space Colony as possibly being a new map, there’s also a possibility a new hero could be coming. Some thought that the two would come together since they were teased together.

Overwatch Hammond

The above picture focuses on the operational part of the Horizon Lunar Colony, the part that will end up being the playable map once it leaves the Public Test Realm. It also focuses on two specimens that have not been located. We know where Winston is since he became a hero in the game but what we don’t know if anything about Hammond. It seems likely that Hammond will become a new gorilla-based hero and join the game in the future. There’s really no other reason to highlight him like that.

It’s unlikely he’d become another tank since we have another gorilla tank but we don’t really know anything else about him. Terry Crews, long rumored to be the potential voice of Doomfist, has said he has a major announcement to make at E3. While Blizzard and Crews have both denied it has anything to do with Overwatch, there’s still a slim chance it could happen, since we no longer expect anything.

Overwatch, Hammond

Blizzard does seems to trickle in heroes at a semi-regular rate so there’s no reason to not believe a new hero is in the works. Since Orisa, the newest hero released, was a tank hero, it seems likely Hammond will be a different class. Of course, everyone is still waiting on the inevitable Doomfist announcement. After being teased like this, we’d be pretty disappointed if Hammond doesn’t end up coming to the game.

In a perfect world, Blizzard will unveil some more information about a new hero at this year’s E3 2017 conference. Overwatch is currently celebrating its first birthday so the time couldn’t be more right for a huge announcement. Maybe they will decide Doomfist is a gorilla (probably not).

What do you think? Is Hammond a possibility or is Blizzard just leading us in the wrong direction? Let us know in the comments below!

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