PewDiePie Update: “I’m Tired of Trying So Hard”

PewDiePie made an update video to express that he’s “tired of trying so hard” in regards to his work as a YouTuber.

He said that he was a very routine-driven person with a strict way of doing videos every day. Now that he’s moved to his old office and has been sick the past seven days, he’s grown weary of his routine and is tired of “trying so hard.”

He said that in the past, he would record videos even when he was sick. He also said that two years ago when his internet was down and he couldn’t upload videos properly, he took his laptop, ran outside at 4 a.m., and used the Wi-Fi of neighbors. He had to do that for two weeks. But now he’s not going to force himself to upload videos. “If I’m sick, I’m just going to be sick,” he said.

He also said that he didn’t want to say that working in YouTube is hard or that he wanted people’s sympathy. He just wants to be transparent to his viewers and wants a looser approach to making videos.

I’m not tired of making videos. I’m just tired of trying so f*cking hard. If you noticed a change in the channel for the past couple of days, my approach to YouTube has just been ‘This is what I wanna make today.’

He cited his recent video of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds as an example of the looser approach he’s taking to making videos.

I don’t really care about the result as much anymore. I don’t care about getting more subscribers or views. Actually I do – just kidding – but not as much. I still really enjoy reading all the comments every single day and that’s really what gives me a kick to make videos. I’m just focused more now on making videos that I feel like making than ever.

He also said that the comments he’s been receiving on his videos are much better than they used to be. He’s also been happier and less stressed the last few days and also enjoys being back at his old office as it feels more personal to him.

He also announced another greenscreen competition in which he invites fans to take a video of him in front of a greenscreen and edit it in a funny way. He’ll review the best ones and invite fans to vote on their favorites. The video can be found here, and you can submit your edit and view other submissions here.

I really feel a lot more proud of my audience these days. Just seeing how funny you guys are on Twitter and how creative you are with these events, I think it’s really cool.

In other news, his mobile game in partnership with developer Outerminds, PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator, has a new update available right now. The update adds a miniature city that you can build, customize, and fill with people. The update also adds new story quests, three new upgrades to the knowledge tree, and minor bug fixes.

PewDiePie is the most subscribed YouTuber in the world, gaining monstrous popularity for his Let’s-Play videos and comedic skits. At the time of writing, he has over 55.7 million subscribers and over 15.5 billion views on his YouTube channel since joining on April 29, 2010. His Twitter account has over 10.2 million followers with his Facebook page granting him an additional 7.3 million followers. Those numbers continue to grow.




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