Pokemon Go: Do Lucky Eggs Double XP During Raid Battles?

Niantic Pokemon Go is available for iOS and Android devices.

NianticPokemon Go is available for iOS and Android devices. (Niantic)

In Pokemon Go, Lucky Eggs can be activated to double the amount of XP that a player gains in 30 minutes. And after completing a Raid Battle, players receive 3,000 XP. So does this mean you can activate a Lucky Egg before a Raid Battle and receive 6,000 XP?

Weirdly, there have been mixed reports on this. The majority of players who have used Lucky Eggs on gyms have found that they do not get double XP from doing so. But a handful of players report that they actually have gotten 6,000 XP from Raid Battles after using Lucky Eggs.

Those players who say that they got the bonus note that the game still showed them the graphic saying that they received 3,000 XP, but when they checked their experience, they realized they had actually received 6,000 XP. However, a lot of other players have checked their experience after using a Lucky Egg and have found that they only gained 3,000 XP, so it’s not entirely a graphical issue at play here.

The fact that different players are having different experiences in this regard is a pretty good indication that this is a bug. It’s not one that Niantic has addressed yet, and they have not included it in their list of known issues. However, the game’s shop does say that a Lucky Egg “earns double XP for 30 minutes.” There’s no mention of an exception to that rule, and so anyone buying the item would naturally assume that it applies to Raid Battles as well.

For now, until this issue is sorted out, you should probably not use your Lucky Egg for a Raid Battle, as it may just go to waste. Some have reportedly received double XP from raids this way, but that has not been the experience of the majority of players, and so making use of your Lucky Egg before a Raid Battle is inherently a risk. If you do decide to take the gamble, though, disregard the graphic that shows up on screen and simply check your player profile after the battle to see how much XP you’ve gained.

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