‘Pokemon Go’: Egg Distance Wrong After Interacting With a Gym


As Pokemon Go trainers enjoy the new gym mechanics and join together to battle Raid Bosses, they’re noticing one unpleasant trend. It seems that the egg distance you’ve accumulated to hatch an egg resets whenever you interact with a gym. So if you’ve been walking a lot and interacting with gyms, but are noticing that your egg distance seems wrong or is barely increasing, this might be why. Niantic hasn’t officially commented on this yet, so we don’t know if this is a permanent feature, just part of the beta, or a glitch in the game. We’ll update this story as we know more.

Many trainers took to Reddit to share their unpleasant discovery. For example, Redditor FakeKitten started one discussion about the discovery here. Earlier in the game’s history, it became known that there was a bug that would sometimes reduce the distance accumulated on an egg. The egg distance updates every four minutes, and sometimes if the four-minute update interval passes while in a gym, you might lose some egg distance that was accumulated because the egg didn’t update like normal while a trainer was in a gym.

Now it seems this problem may be continuing into the new gym system. According to FakeKitten, even feeding a berry to a Pokemon that’s in a gym or spinning a Photo Disc on a gym could reset the egg hatch distance since it last updated. The Redditor wrote: “In areas with high gym density you will literally be gaining no distance on eggs and buddy because of this.”

It appears this bug doesn’t happen all the time, but trainers are saying it crops up enough to cause a problem. For example, if you interact with a gym right after your egg distance updated at the four-minute mark, you wouldn’t notice any problems.

Niantic is looking into this problem. One Niantic representative commented on Reddit that they have sent the question to the QA team to test it out.

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