Pokemon Go: What to Do If You Can’t Interact With a Gym After a Raid Battle

Pokemon Go fans this week have been experiencing all sorts of glitches, one of which prevents them from interacting with gyms after a Raid Battle. Is there any way to prevent this?

What tends to happen is that after defeating a Raid Boss, the game makes it impossible to interact with that particular gym, whether you want to place a Pokemon inside or just spin the Photo Disc for items.

At this time, the only real solution to this glitch appears to be to walk away from the gym and then walk back to it. You’ll want to wait until the gym is no longer on your map before you start walking back, but when you return, the gym should be interactive again.

This solution works for a lot of players, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Others find that the only real solution is to wait somewhere between a half-hour and an hour, at which point you’ll be able to use the gym and spin the Photo Disc.

It’s actually not even entirely clear at this time whether this is a glitch at all. It’s possible that Niantic just does not want players interacting with gyms until some time after a Raid Battle has completed, and this is just an annoying feature. After all, Niantic now has a page devoted to known issues that they plan to fix, and this is not on there.

Even if Niantic would prefer players have a cool off period in which they can’t fight in a gym, it’s a bit strange that it’s also not possible to spin the Photo Disc after the raid. For now, you’ll want to remember to spin the Photo Disc of a gym before participating in a raid, then, as you will not have the opportunity immediately after the raid has ended.