Pokemon Go: How Often Are Coin Bonuses Given Out?

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In the latest Pokemon Go gym update, the way that you receive coins as a bonus for stationing Pokemon in gyms is completely different. So how exactly does the new system work, and how long must a Pokemon be stationed in a gym before you receive a bonus from it?

The game no longer gives you bonuses every 21 hours based on how many gyms you are holding. Rather, the bonus is based on how long any given Pokemon is stationed in a gym, with the bonus going up the longer the Pokemon defends the gym. You can now only get coins from a Pokemon when they have been kicked out of the gym, and so it’s only when the Pokemon comes home to you that you get the bonus. A Pokemon is defeated once its motivation has been reduced to zero and it subsequently loses in battle.

In addition, it appears that you receive one coin for 10 minutes that your Pokemon defends the gym. As of June 22nd, you couldn’t get a coin until your Pokemon had been placed in the gym for an hour, but Niantic changed this after less than 24 hours. Players strongly disliked that system because it meant that if your Pokemon was kicked out of a gym after 59 minutes, you wouldn’t get any coins. Now, you’re very likely to at least get a few coins.

However, Niantic has also implemented a limit of 50 coins that can be collected in a single day.

You’ll know when a Pokemon has returned to you with coins because you’ll actually receive a notification from the game. (This notification is not working for everyone at the moment, but in theory you’re supposed to get one.) If you had a Pokemon in a gym for 10 minutes or more and the Pokemon came back without a coin bonus, try restarting the game. A lot of players have found that after doing so, the coin bonus shows up.

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