Pokemon Go: How to Get a Refund for a Premium Raid Pass Purchase


In the new Pokemon Go Raid Battle system, only one free Raid Pass is given out per day, meaning players are encouraged to buy Premium Raid Passes in the store. But what if the Premium Raid Pass ends up going to waste? Can you get a refund?

Niantic is indeed providing refunds for players who have their Premium Raid Pass wasted due to a glitch in the game. If, for instance, you used your Premium Raid Pass on a Raid Battle but were subsequently kicked out of the gym with an “error” message, it seems that you can get a refund from the company.

All you have to do is visit Niantic’s support page and fill out a form, which asks for your name, your nickname, and some details about why you were not able to use your premium item. On Reddit this week, a Niantic employee responded to a complaint about wasted Premium Raid Passes by directing the user to this page.

“If you haven’t been able to use a Premium Raid Pass (the paid item) due to this issue, please contact the purchase support team,” the Niantic employee said.

However, it doesn’t seem that this will apply to those who use a Premium Raid Pass, only for no other players to join up with the Raid Battle. A lot of gamers have had this experience, as there’s no way to get a glimpse at a Raid Battle lobby before you actually use your pass. Players therefore wind up joining a Raid Battle hoping that more people will flock to it, but they wind up being the only person who shows up. In that situation, there’s no way to get your Raid Pass back, even if you back out before the raid starts. This is a complaint that Niantic has not yet addressed.