Pokemon Go: How to See a Map of Gyms in Your Area


Pokemon Go players have for a long time wanted a way to view a map of the gyms in their area, as this is something that can be difficult to keep track of. With the latest update, Niantic has added a way to do this, though the feature is not quite as detailed as fans originally hoped.

Now, you can see a map of gyms in your area so long as you have received a badge from this gym. You receive badges when you interact with a gym, and so if you’ve been actively playing the game for this past week, you probably have badges for most of the gyms in your immediate area by now.

Here’s what you need to do in order to see the gym badge map:

  • Touch the trainer profile icon on the bottom left of your screen.
  • Scroll down to the gym badges section and touch the list button
  • Click the map icon in the bottom left of the screen.

The game will now pull up a map showing all of the gyms in your area. It’s not nearly as detailed a map as you see during the actual game, but it’s enough that you should be able to figure out where all the gyms in your immediate vicinity are.

Unfortunately, right now this feature only works for gyms that you have already interacted with. There is no map of all of the gyms in the entire game, and so the only way to discover new gyms is to get out there and actually discover them for yourself.

One other helpful feature of the gym badge section is that this helps you keep track of all of the Pokemon that you have stationed at various gyms. If you click on one of the gym badges, you can find out what Pokemon, if any, you have at that gym and what its current motivation is. There is not a way to boost the Pokemon’s motivation without going to the gym in person, however, but this is still a nice way of keeping tabs on all of your Pokemon in case you’ve forgotten which one is at which gym.