Pokemon Go: Is It Possible to Switch Teams?


Ever since Pokemon Go was first released, players have been asking Niantic Labs for a way to switch teams. After all, many gamers chose their team before having an understanding of what the dynamic would be like in their area. So has Niantic provided any sort of way to change teams?

Unfortunately, there is no way to switch teams in Pokemon Go. Niantic has never made a feature like this available, and they have continued to keep switching teams impossible with the latest update.

This is such a frequently asked question that Niantic has a whole page about it on their official website. As an answer to the question “How do I change my team,” Niantic wrote, “At this time, it is not possible to change your team.”

Their language there may hint that this feature will be added at some point; they do specify that it’s not possible to do so “at this time.” A lot of players have suggested that the game allow for a one-time team change. Niantic probably wouldn’t introduce an ability to change teams whenever you want, but fans are just hoping that they can be allowed to do so a single time. Some have even suggested that Niantic implement a team change but make it cost money.

The argument against this idea is that there isn’t a point of having teams in the first place if players can simply abandon them when they please.

One Reddit user wrote, “If you want to change team when it suits you then what’s the point in having teams?”

On the other hand, others argue that many players chose their teams for pretty random reasons when they first started the game, and it would be nice to allow them to now make a more informed decision a year later.

“In my area, most people randomly chose or small groups of friends chose teams,” one Reddit user wrote. “A know a lot of people who just want to change because they picked teams when it didn’t mean anything. Now they regret their choice. I think a one time change would be a good idea.”