Pokemon Go: How Many Times Can Premium Raid Passes Be Used?


With the new Pokemon Go Raid Battle system, players must use Raid Passes in order to participate, and unfortunately, only a single one of these passes is given out for free each day. However, if you want to play more Raid Battles, you’re encouraged to purchase a Premium Raid Pass. So how does this Premium Raid Pass work, exactly? How many times can it be used?

A Premium Raid Pass can only be used a single time. There is really no practical difference between a Raid Pass and a Premium Raid Pass; the latter is just an item that you buy when you run out of the former. Otherwise, it functions in the same way, although one benefit is that you can obtain as many Premium Raid Passes per day as you would like.

This is something that caused some confusion when the new Pokemon Go update was first announced, with Niantic describing a Premium Raid Pass in a way that made gamers assume it could be used more than once, and this would be what made it premium. That would make sense, and in recent days, players have begged Niantic to change things so that a Premium Raid Passes could have at least two or three uses.

However, that’s not how things currently work, mainly because it’s a way for Niantic to increase revenue by giving players a tease of Raid Battles but then making them spend money to play more. Of course, you can get Premium Raid Passes without spending any money by exchanging coins that you obtain through regular gameplay, but you can only collect a maximum of 50 coins per day from the gym defense bonus, and a single Premium Raid Pass costs 100 coins. From there, the game also gives you the option to purchase coins with real money, something Niantic is obviously hoping players choose to do.

Free Raid Passes are given out from gyms, but you can only get one per day. The good news, though, is that you can hang on to a Raid Pass and not use it the next day but then still collect a second pass, so it’s not as if having a Raid Pass in your inventory prevents you from getting another one.

Niantic has already made some adjustments to Pokemon Go in recent days based on widespread complaints, so it would not be surprising if they increased the value of a Premium Raid Pass slightly by allowing it to work at least one more time. For now, though, Premium Raid Passes only entitle players to one Raid Battle.