Pokemon Go Rare Candy: What It Is & How to Get It


Niantic Labs is introducing a variety of new items to Pokemon Go, one of which is called Rare Candy. So what exactly is Rare Candy, why should players want it, and how can it be obtained?

The basic purpose of Rare Candy is that it is candy that can be used on any Pokemon in the game. Candy, of course, is what you use in order to level up and/or evolve a Pokemon, and the candy is associated with a particular species. So if you want to evolve Mareep into Flaaffy, for example, you’ll need Mareep candy.

However, what’s great about Rare Candy is that it’s not specific to any Pokemon. So if you wanted to evolve Mareep into Flaaffy, but you don’t have enough Mareep candy, you can just use Rare Candy, as this Pokemon trainer from Reddit did:

The only way to obtain Rare Candy is by participating in Raid Battles. These Raid Battles are currently only available to a small group of players; you have to be level 35 or above, and you have to live in an area where Raid Battles are occurring. All of these Raid Battles seem to be happening at sponsored PokeStops like Starbucks locations.

When you win a Raid Battle, you can unlock four new items as a reward for defeating the Raid Boss. One of those items is the Rare Candy, but the other three are the Golden Razz Berry, the Technical Machine (Fast), and the Technical Machine (Charged). The Golden Razz Berry fully restores a Pokemon’s motivation (whereas the other types of berries only partially restore it), and the Technical Machines allow you to teach your Pokemon a new move, either a Fast move or a Charged move depending on which one you use.

Niantic Labs has said that Raid Battles will be made available to more players over the course of the next several weeks, with the feature likely being unveiled worldwide sometime in July.