Pokemon Go: How to Fix Red Error Message When Trying to Join a Raid


The brand new Raid Battle system is now in place in Pokemon Go. But unfortunately, a lot of fans are having difficulty playing it, as they receive a red “error’ message on the screen when trying to join one. So are there any solutions to this glitch?

One fix that has worked for some (but not all) players is to go into your phone’s settings and enable network-provided time. On an Android, you can do this by going to settings, date and time, and making sure “automatic” is checked off. On an iOS device, go to general, date and time, and make sure “set automatically” is selected. Raid Battles are set to begin at a specific time, and so the theory is that if your phone’s clock isn’t quite syncing up with the game’s clock, the game won’t start the raid properly. Still, this trick has worked for some players and it hasn’t worked for others.

If that doesn’t work for you, some trainers have had better luck uninstalling the game and reinstalling it. Just make sure you remember all your log-in details, but as long as you do, you’ll be able to log back into the game and still get back into your account.

A lot of players have tried both of these tricks, though, and are still receiving the error message. It seems that to some degree this might just be on Niantic’s end and an issue associated with sever overload. After all, far more gamers are playing Pokemon Go this weekend than have played in months, and when there’s a huge flood of traffic back into the game, there are always some glitches.

Hopefully, Niantic is able to work out a permanent solution to this glitch soon. They have not yet acknowledged the existence of the glitch, although there is a separate issue where players are receiving a message saying a gym is under attack when trying to assign a Pokemon there; Niantic tweeted about this this morning and said they’re working on a solution, so they’re clearly on top of getting all the bugs ironed out this weekend.