Pokemon Go: How Often Are Technical Machines Given Out?


Of the three new items added to Pokemon Go this past week, the one that is generally the most desired is the Technical Machine, which can be used to teach your Pokemon a new set of moves. But these Technical Machines are only given out as a reward for winning Raid Battles, and they’re somewhat difficult to come by. So what exactly is the drop rate for Technical Machines? How often do players receive them?

We can draw a lot of conclusions on this front based on a survey taken by almost 1,500 Reddit users this week. The first thing that became clear from this data is that you’re more likely to get a Technical Machine the higher tier the Raid Battle is, although you can receive this item as a reward even from Tier 1 Raid Battles.

This survey found that after winning Tier 1 Raid Battles, only 11 percent of players reported that they received one or more Technical Machines. The overwhelming majority of players do not receive a Technical Machine from battles at this tier.

When you go up to Tier 2 Raid Battles, Technical Machines are still fairly uncommon, with 14 percent of players reporting that they received one of these items as a reward for competing in this battle.

Technical Machines are much more common as a reward for Tier 3 Raid Battles, although still most players don’t end up getting any. According to this survey, 40 percent of players said that they got a Technical Machine from a Tier 3 Raid Battle.

Finally, Technical Machines are most commonly given out as a reward for Tier 4 Raid Battles, and in fact, the majority of Tier 4 participants end up receiving one. In the survey, 64 percent of players said they got a Technical Machine from a Tier 4 Raid Battle.

To summarize, here’s what we know about the drop rate of Technical Machines at various Raid Battle tiers based on this recent survey of Pokemon Go players:

Raid Battle Tier Drop Rate
Tier 1 11 percent
Tier 2 14 percent
Tier 3 40 percent
Tier 4 64 percent

The other special items that are given as rewards for Raid Battles are Golden Razz Berries and Rare Candy, both of which are pretty common at all three gym tiers. Read more about the drop rate of each Raid Battle item here: