Pokemon Go: What Are the Times Below Eggs in the Nearby Raid Screen?


The new Raid Battle feature is now available in Pokemon Go. There are a number of ways to find out that a raid is about to commence, one of which is by looking in the nearby tab. But you may have noticed that there’s a time that appears below each egg in the raid tab, and this time is very different from what appears above the gym. So what is this time, exactly?

The time that appears in the Raid Battle nearby tab indicates what time the raid starts. It’s presented in military time, and so if you see an egg with “19:00” written below it, that means that the raid starts at 7:00 p.m.

On the other hand, the time that appears above the gym is a countdown clock which ends when the Raid Battle starts.

Niantic Labs hopes to give players plenty of time to prepare for Raid Battles, and you’ll often have several hours of notice before one begins. In addition to both of these things, you will also receive a notification when a Raid Battle is going to start. However, in order to receive this notification, you must be close enough so that the gym in question is on your map.

You may have also been wondering about the color of the eggs on this nearby tab. This egg color is meant to indicate how difficult the Raid Boss is, with pink signifying that it is one or two stars, on the lower end of the spectrum. Yellow means it is three or four stars, meaning it is more difficult. And finally, a dark blue is for five star bosses, although these have not been added to the game yet.

When a Raid Battle’s time has arrived, all you need to do is go to the gym in question in order to participate. However, you’ll need to be a level 25 or above (at least for now), and you’ll need a raid pass; these passes are given out at gyms when you spin the Photo Disc.