Pokemon Go: How to Fix the Gym ‘Under Attack’ Glitch


Niantic Labs has just rolled out a significant new gym system in Pokemon Go. The game update is so significant, in fact, that players are already encountering some glitches, one of which involves a message popping up that says a gym is under attack when it is not.

If you’re experiencing this glitch, it’s not just you. Pokemon Go players around the world are reporting instances of trying to station a Pokemon at a gym, only to receive a message saying that the gym is “under attack.”

Mainly, this seems to occur after players and their teammates defeat a gym and try to station several Pokemon there. The first player will be able to, but the second player will be locked out, with the game claiming the gym is “under attack” despite the fact that no one in the area is attacking it.

Those who are experiencing this glitch have sometimes been able to resolve it by force quitting the game and opening it up again. Doing so sometimes causes the gym to become available again. On an iOS device, you can force quit the app by tapping the home button twice and swiping up on Pokemon Go. On an Android device, you can force quit by going to settings, choosing apps, going to running, and touching the force stop button next to Pokemon Go. 

If that doesn’t work, try going to another gym, loading that gym up, and then returning to the original gym; some have reported that this does the trick for them. This may not work for everyone, and if it doesn’t, just wait 10 minutes or so and then open the gym up again. After waiting 10 minutes, it usually becomes possible to station a Pokemon at the gym again.

It seems that this may come down to the game incorrectly believing that the Photo Disc being spun recently indicates that the gym is under attack. When going to gyms in the future, then, for now you may want to try stationing your Pokemon in the gym prior to spinning the Photo Disc. Another tip via one Reddit user is that if this is occurring as you try to station Pokemon in a gym after taking it over, make sure that all members of your team are in the battle together prior to the last Pokemon’s motivation being drained. Then, have everyone select a Pokemon together, wait at the confirmation screen, and hit okay together. The game may be confusing a person putting a Pokemon in the gym with the gym being under attack.

Niantic has no doubt been made aware of this widespread glitch and is likely hard at work looking for a more permanent solution.