‘Pokemon Magikarp Jump’: List of Support Pokemon & Abilities

In the world of Pokemon Magikarp Jump, you’ll quickly come across different Pokemon in the game such as Pikachu and Charizard. While you can’t use those Pokemon to jump with, they will be beneficial to you in the long run. These Pokemon are called Support Pokemon and they will give you boosts in your league battles and also benefit you outside of your battles.

Previously, we have covered basic tips to get started, tips on how to level up your Magikarp quickly and how to evolve your Magikarp into a Gyarados. Now we’re taking a look at the Support Pokemon available in the game.

Pokemon Magikarp Jump

To purchase Support Pokemon, you have to click on Town-Diamond Shop-Friendship Items and you should see a list of Pokemon. There’s a decent selection to choose from and you can also decided to rank up your current supports with Support Candies.

Outside of battle, your Support Pokemon will be hanging out at the top of the aquarium, all you have to do is click on them when they have the light bulb above their head. In the chart below, you’ll see what the different Pokemon will give you once you click on them.

Pokemon Magikarp Jump

These Support Pokemon operate a little different once you enter the leagues. Depending on what level your support is, you’ll get a boost in JP during your battle. Many of the Support Pokemon will be unlocked naturally as you progress through the game. However, you’re going to need to shell out some cash or grind for Diamonds if you want to get Support Pokemon like Charizard or Popplio to appear.

You may want to consider pairing your supports with one another. For example, a combo of Slowpoke and Charizard would work because Slowpoke would be able to recharge Charizard’s ability which would get you an additional item. There isn’t really a bad Support Pokemon to pick so feel free to collect any you want in any order.

Here’s the list of support Pokemon in Pokemon Magikarp Jump and what they do.

Pokemon Item Ability RechargeĀ  How to Unlock
Pikachu Light Ball Increases JP 1:30 hours Complete Friend League
Piplup Mystic Water Restores 1 Training Point 1:30 hours Complete Quick League
Snorlax Leftovers Receive 10 Food 50 minutes 500 Diamonds
Slowpoke Damp Rock Restores a Support Ability 12 hours 350 Diamonds
Litten Flame Plate Increases JP 3:30 hours 250 Diamonds
Popplio Splash Plate Makes Treasure Appear 7 hours 500 Diamonds
Rowlet Meadow Plate Gives Coins 4 hours 450 Diamonds
Charizard Charcoal Gives Training Soda, Power Up, LP Restore, Skill Restore, Coins 12 hours 600 Diamonds
Meowth Amulet Coin Gives Coins 2:30 hours Complete Great League
Bulbasaur Miracle Seed Restores League Energy 4 hours Complete Luxury League