Report: Overwatch Summer Games 2017 Music Datamined

Overwatch Summer Games

Overwatch’s newest event may have just been spoiled via a datamined audio clip that appeared on Reddit yesterday night. Posted by DeadGirlDreaming, this one-minute audio snippet showcases rather triumphant background music that harkens back to the Overwatch 2016 Summer Games theme. While it’s not an exact copy, the overall tone of the music is unlike anything currently in this game’s catalog. However, some people have noted this could be the theme music for Blizzard’s next possible hero Hammond. Given how big of a hit the Summer Games event was amongst fans, it would come as no surprise if Blizzard decided to bring it back.

Further evidence points to the Summer Games 2017 being real thanks to the events main brawl Lucioball. Back in August, Game Director Jeff Kaplan noted that they would try and make this game mode return in some capacity. While he didn’t say much on the matter, Jeff simply remarked to the forum posters:

Glad you enjoyed it so much. We love it too. We’ll figure out a way to bring it back.


Youtuber Unit Lost also noted that in the PTR (Public Test Realm) for Overwatch right now there are stats pertaining to Lucioball itself. If you go into your Career Profile and then select “All Modes,” players can then select a hero and see their stat card which has three curious entries listed. At the very top of the score screen, users will note that Goals, Interceptions, and Saves are all marked down at 0. Since these specific stats have only been tied to Lucioball it’s more than possible this means it will return in some capacity.

It’s important to take some of this information with a grain of salt because it is possible the music is faked and the stat screen is the result of some bug. Blizzard has been silent on the matter, but Kaplan did remark in an interview that they are more focused on refining the old events than introducing new ones.

Bringing back Lucioball would be a fantastic idea, however, Blizzard will need to build upon the idea in new and intriguing ways. Just giving us the same stage will certainly underwhelm many fans, so one can hope they deliver a bunch of new stages and twists to play this game mode on.

Last year’s Summer Games launched on August 2, so if there is a 2017 variant expect it to release around the same time.