WATCH: Sub-Zero Reveal Trailer for ‘Injustice 2’

One of the better DLC roster additions to Injustice: Gods Among us was a guest character. That guest character was the fiery, revenge fueled ninja known as Scorpion. Yes, the Scorpion we all know and love from the famed Mortal Kombat universe. For Injustice 2, NetherRealm Studios decided to give the guest starring role to his rival. This time, the Lin Kuei’s ice wielding ninja Sub-Zero will do battle with DC Comics’ best and brightest (and darkest).

His gameplay reveal trailer is about what you’d expect – plenty of “cold” combos that harken back to the Mortal Kombat X moveset. Sub-Zero can freeze his opponent, throw ice sculpture replicas, create freezing body doubles of himself, gracefully slide across the stage and perform other types of slick maneuvers. And as expected, his super move is worthy of his legendary status. Sub-Zero looks to be the perfect choice for rushdown-minded players.

Sub Zero Injustice 2

Sub-Zero will become available in July, but no exact release date has been announced as of yet. Judging by how these Injustice 2 DLC characters are being released, it’s likely that Starfire will be out sometime in August. Fingers crossed that Raiden (his silhouette makes it pretty obvious that it’s him) and Black Manta (same) are coming in September and October. And is it true that The Atom, Enchantress and Azrael are on the way, too? Only time (and Ed Boon) will tell. But for now, enjoy Sub-Zero’s gameplay reveal trailer above and start relearning all your old MKX combos.