(Update) Report: ‘Super Mario Maker 2’ and More May Be Announced at Nintendo Spotlight for E3 2017

Super Mario Maker, super mario maker 2

Super Mario Maker (Nintendo)

An anonymous user from 4chan reportedly leaked the lineup for Nintendo’s Spotlight presentation for E3 2017.

The user also predicted ARMS back in December as well as Pokken Tournament DX in March (with both threads since then being deleted), which is why he believes his source to be reliable. Here’s a list of everything that’s coming to the presentation straight from the post:

– Super Mario Odyssey, November 24th
– Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Trailer, game delayed to Spring 2018
– New IP from Next Level Games: “Mystery of the Clocktower” (Working Title), 2018
– Fire Emblem Warriors Trailer, features 2 player splitscreen, October 13th
– Short Teaser for Fire Emblem Switch (still no official title), 2018
– Shin Megami Tensei V Trailer, 2018
– Nintendo Party revealed, party game with Miis, probably developed by Nd Cube (?), October 27th
– Mario & Sonic at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games revealed, November 10th
– Third Party reel, I wasn’t able to note down all the games in it, but it featured Skyrim, Dragonball Xenoverse (2?), Dragon Quest Builders, Fifa, Steep and Mario + Rabbids.
– Super Mario Maker 2 revealed, 2018
– Reminder that ARMS launches on Friday
– Splatoon 2 Direct announced, late June
– New Retro Studios Project revealed (no title yet), about Pirates, 2018

It’s important to note that this is all still a rumor. The user even said that they couldn’t promise that the info is real but is still very confident.

4chan rumors have been proven to bear fruit in the past. This post from a day before the Nintendo Switch Presentation last January accurately predicted many of the games shown off at the presentation: Snipperclips, Splatoon 2, Super Bomerman R, ARMS, Disgaea 5 Complete, Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey, and 1, 2, Switch.


It looks like many of the games claimed to be announced by Nintendo seem to be legit. Games like Super Mario Odyssey, Pokken Tournament DX, Splatoon 2, ARMS, and more are already confirmed for the presentation as well as the Nintendo Treehouse livestream, and the new games to supposedly be announced don’t seem too far off.

Super Mario Maker was a huge critical and commercial success, so it would be a no-brainer to have a sequel on the Switch with its touchscreen and everything. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is pretty much confirmed to be real by multiple sources. The new entry in the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series sounds reasonable as that’s yet another entry in a series going strong since 2007. Nintendo Party sounds plausible as well since Nintendo released the very similar Wii Party back in October of 2010. Even the “Mystery of the Clocktower” game from Developer Next Level Games holds some water considering that they once were developing a puzzle platformer called “Clockwerk,” a game set in a magic clocktower, before it was cancelled back in 2011. The only thing that may be iffy is the Retro Studios project involving pirates, if only for the fact that Nintendo’s competitor Microsoft already has a game about pirates with Sea of Thieves.

Nintendo Spotlight begins 12 p.m. ET/ 9 a.m. PT on June 13, so we’ll just have to wait until then to see if the rumors are true.

Update: It turns out much of the rumor wasn’t true.

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