Super Mario Odyssey Powers Modded Into Super Mario 64

A prolific modder by the name of Kaze Emanuar has modded Mario’s new abilities from Super Mario Odyssey into Super Mario 64.

Emanuar put out a rom hack of Super Mario 64, called “Super Mario Odyssey 64,” a day before Nintendo’s E3 2017 Spotlight presentation and Treehouse livestream. The hack allows Mario to throw his hat like a Frisbee and then jump on it like a springboard just like in Super Mario Odyssey. The hat then flies right back to Mario.

As you can imagine, you can break the game quite a bit with this mod and reach stars in record time. If you use it right, you can reach stars that would have normally been only obtainable normally by firing out of a cannon.

The enemy possession ability was modded into version two of the rom hack, released one day after the new trailer dropped for Super Mario Odyssey showing off the new ability. The update allows you to take control of enemies by throwing your hat at them. Everything from Goombas to the giant penguin in Snowman’s Land and even the birds outside of Peach’s Castle can be taken over. And of course, each enemy is adorned with an adorable Mario cap. They don’t receive a mustache like they do in Odyssey, however.

Version three of the mod allows you to control almost everything in the game, from NCPs to moving platforms and item blocks. However, Emanuar warns that many of the objects weren’t designed to be moved like this and thus may stutter around. The update also adds a hat texture made by user smf123 that resembles Cappy in Super Mario Odyssey. It also gives you extra controls to move possessed objects and prevents Mario from throwing his hat right after leaving an object all the time.

The extra power does give the game some additional benefits, such as directing bomb-oms into the chain chomp instead of throwing it and risk having yourself blown up. You can also eliminate enemies by making them kill themselves, calling into question even more ethical dilemmas than the ones already present in possessing another living being.

There are some abilities in Super Mario Odyssey not present in the rom hack. The ability to swing your hat around you in a circle and roll it on the ground aren’t present, and neither is the ability to control the hat’s movement once you throw it. There’s also no rolling Mario on the ground for extra speed or riding the lion-like Jaxi. So we’ll have to wait until Emanuar patches those in.

Emanuar is behind some of the most notable rom hacks of Super Mario 64 to come out in recent memory, which you can see on his YouTube channel. In an interview, he said that he is a math student from Germany working on mods of Super Mario 64 for four years. He also had no prior experience in coding before working on the mods.

By far Emanuar’s biggest accomplishment is “SM64: Last Impact,” a brand new version of Super Mario 64 that adds 130 stars, 12 power-ups, a new soundtrack, new enemies, and new levels. He said it took over 4,000 hours to complete. Unfortunately, all of the original links to the mod have been taken down by Nintendo. However, he said that you can find it floating around if you search “last impact sm64hacks.”

Mods by him include “Super Trump 64,” where you play as a Mexican version of Mario trying to cross President Donald Trump’s wall across the Mexican border.

His other notable rom hack is “Super Releasio 64” where every texture in the game is replaced with Toad’s face and screams of sheer agony can be heard throughout.

There’s also a mod of Mario riding a fidget spinner.

Super Mario Odyssey comes out October 27, 2017 on the Nintendo Switch.