‘Tekken 7’: How To Beat Akuma

Tekken 7

Tekken 7 launched two days ago and before many people jump online, they want to wrap up the main story. Tekken 7 has a bonus chapter for you once you finish the main story where you must take on Street Fighter’s Akuma playing as Devil Kazuya. If you’re reading this, that means you’re likely having trouble with this fight. As it turns out, this extra chapter will also get you the Master of Iron Fist achievement, so it’s especially important to you hunters out there.

If you’re just going for the trophy/achievement, you can crank that difficulty down to easy to make things, well, easier. On easy, you can just button mash and string together basic combos if you’d like and you should experience success against this strong foe. We’ve found that the Devil Blaster (Right Kick, Left Kick) will work nicely on easy.

If you’re not willing to lower the difficulty, you’re in for a tougher fight. Our best advice is to play keep-away with Akuma. If he gets close you, he’s pretty devastating with his punches. However, Akuma differs from most fights in the fact that he excels from range. He will launch fireballs (HADOKEN!) at you often but being far away will give you a better chance to react. If you are feeling lucky, you can block his first two punches of the flurry and he will be left open for punishment. We recommend hitting him with the Devil Fist (Forward, Forward, Right Punch). You could stay on the offensive and keep spamming Right Punch, or you could back off him and put distance between you and him. If he blocks three of your attacks, he will counter and force you to move back regardless. You pretty much have to cheese him the whole fight but, to be fair, he pretty much cheeses you the whole fight too.

Something you’re going to have to watch out for is his Rage Art. His Rage Art will practically result in a 1-hit KO so be careful. When you empty Akuma’s health bar, you’ll need to stop his last-ditch ultimate by countering it with your own Rage Art. Many players will find themselves frustrated with this part, but it is scripted, so be prepared to do what needs to be done. When he starts it, hit R1 or RB, depending on your controller of choice, and he’ll go down and you’ll be treated to a cutscene and the trophy/achievement.

Congratulations, you’ve conquered possibly the toughest fight in Tekken 7.

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