‘Tekken 7’: How to Throw or Grab

Tekken 7 Fighter

If you want to succeed int he dangerous world of Tekken 7 then you will need to master a multitude of different mechanics and abilities. One of these is grabbing or throwing your opponent, which has become a staple of fighting games since their inception. This game is no different as grabs can be performed by every character in the entire game. While some rely more heavily on them then others, throwing your opponent will be a critical part to mastering this title.

In order to throw your opponents you need to be up close to them and then press:

  • Circle+Triangle or Square and X (PlayStation 4)
  • Y + B or X + A (Xbox One)

Hitting either one of these two combinations will cause your character to perform a grabbing animation. Be careful because if you miss or time it wrong this can leave you very vulnerable to follow ups. Trying to throw your opponent can be risky, so don’t try and spam (attempt multiple times in a row) this move. If you keep trying to initiate a grab it will make it very easy for an opponent to read your behavior and counter accordingly.

Throws should be used to either end combos or keep opponents on edge who are playing very defensively. Since this move cannot be blocked, it’s easy to punish very passive opponents who are trying to wait out a fight rather than finish it. You can also use grabs to gain a nice bit of distance or catch your breath if you’re being pressured by a fast, in your face style of player.

There are other fighters in Tekken 7 such as King who can chain their throws together, meaning they can grab enemies and continually perform different throws. This allows them to deal a hefty amount of damage if they manage to get their hands (or int his case paws) on a foe.

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