‘Valkyria Revolution’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

When Valkyria Chronicles marched onto the PS3 back in 2008, it quickly hit cult hit status.

Several of the game’s attributes made it memorable to those who experienced it – beautifully animated cel-shaded graphics, rewarding tactical gameplay and a well told heart wrenching tale. While several gamers missed out on it the first time around, they got another chance to delve into Sega’s landmark RPG with a 2016 remake. For 2017, the war torn Valkyria universe will transition into a spinoff with both new and familiar mechanics. Valkyria Revolution (known as Valkyria: Azure Revolution in Japan) will transport players into the conflict between Jutland and Ruzhien.

Before you pledge your allegiance to Jutland, get to know everything about Valkyria Revolution with these five fast facts.

1. Valkyria Revolution is a Spin-Off From the Mainline Valkyrie Series

Valkyria Revolution

The Valkyria franchise was birthed in 2008 with Valkyria Chronicles. The sequel that launched exclusively on the PlayStation Portable platform arrived in 2010. Gamers hailing from North American and European regions were forced to import Valkyria Chronicles III since it was only available in Japan. Valkyria Revolution and the mobile game Valkyria Revolution D are the two main games tied to the franchise that are labeled as spinoffs. Anime, manga and drama CD’s that are devoted to the Valkyria series also added to its ongoing plot and interesting cast of characters.

2. The Game’s Main Conflict Takes Place Between a Rebelling Kingdom and a Powerful Empire

Valkyria Revolution

Valkyria Revolution’s plot revolves around the ongoing conflict between a small country named Jutland and a ruling empire called Ruzhien. Due to the economic oppression brought on by the Ruzhien Empire, Jutland decided to retaliate against them by taking down one of their outposts. This defining moment kicked off the legendary Liberation War.

The five individuals who instigated this war were once dubbed as “The Circle of Five,” but historians have chosen to refer to them as nothing but traitors. 100 years have now passed since the war’s starting moments. A new force of proud Jutland soldiers have now arisen to continue the fight against Ruzhien and powerful Valkyria warriors. This elite anti-Valkyria squad is known as the Vanargand unit. Players will step into the commanding officer role of Amleth and help lead his group to victory over the Ruzhien Empire.

3. Battles Control More Like an Action RPG, But the Series’ Strategic Elements are Still Present

For those of you who’ve played Valkyria Chronicles, you’ll be shocked to find out that the gameplay for this spinoff is a bit different. You and your chosen allies will hit the battlefield and still have to deal with enemy soldiers, but the controls are more akin to those of an action RPG. Your main attack can easily be pulled off with one button press, but those maneuvers can’t be spammed endlessly due to the inclusion of an action gauge that depletes every time you attack. The more strategic elements of the series are still prevalent, though. You can take control of any character who’s currently on the field, pause the action and choose different action to activate. Characters can activate magical attacks (Alchemy), throw out grenades, pull out their side etc. The conditions of each battle are impacted by the mood of your enemies as well.

Valkyria Revolution

Outside of battle, you’ll have tons of customization options to keep busy with. Elemental spells can be equipped to any character through the use of Ragnite. This important mineral can be collected from dead foes, purchased from shops and gained as mission rewards. Ragnite can also be used to upgrade weaponry and unlock new skills for them over time. Each of your squadmates falls under a specific class, such as a Shocktrooper, Scout, Sapper, Shieldbearer and and Alchemist. While the game’s mechanics may have been received significant changes, it still retains some of the best parts of the mainline games.

4. A Famed Video Game Composer Worked on the Game’s Soundtrack

Plenty of gamers enjoyed RPG’s such as Chrono Trigger, Xenogears and Shadow Hearts for various reasons. One of those reasons happens to the amazing musical pieces that made those game’s more emotional moments so impactful. The man behind the composition of those titles’ soundtracks is Yasunori Mitsuda, a well-respected Japanese composer, musician and sound producer. Yasunori took his talents to Media.Vision (the developers behind Valkyria Revolution) in order to craft the game’s musical score. Check out the video above to hear the songs he’s produced for the game and hear straight from the man himself.

5. The Vanargand Edition is the Game’s Special Collector’s Edition

Valkyria Revolution Vanargand Edition

Valkyria Revolution’s special retail edition is the ultimate gift to fans of the franchise. The “Vanargand Edition” comes packaged with some extra goodies for longtime Valkyria fans. It comes with the game’s official 12-track soundtrack, a wearable pin that’s inscribed with the in-game Vanargand’s coat of arms and special packaging. After release, Valkyria Revolution will be receiving a ton of free DLC (Gemastu listed the full DLC launch schedule right here).

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