WATCH: ‘Beyond Good and Evil 2’s’ Official Trailer Breakdown

While there have been a lot of games revealed during this year’s E3, undoubtedly one of the best comes in the form of Beyond Good and Evil 2. A game many never thought was actually going to happen, Ubisoft took the stage today to reveal this title via a cinematic trailer. Players then got a glimpse of the world they would get to explore, however, one video that wasn’t shown during the press conference was a trailer breakdown by Creative Director Michel Ancel. If you want to watch the full trailer without commentary simply go here.

In this video, we get an in-depth look at the characters and the world showcased during the trailer. Ancel explains that for the city shown, he didn’t want it to be littered with advertisements like you’d see in other science fiction games. Instead, this area was meant to have a more spiritual aesthetic as if people were constantly worshipping their deities. There was supposed to be a clear mix of new and old with this city, which is why the holograms and spaceships are the main technological advancements you see.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is also confirmed to be a multiplayer game, with users being able to ride or shoot in vehicles such as the hoverbike shown in the trailer. Players can own a variety of different spaceships that can be used as a garage for other vehicles. Ancel also confirmed that some areas of the city will be destructible, however, this will only be obvious sections such as glass windows.

This game will act as a prequel to the original Beyond Good and Evil, however, there has been no word on a release window for this game. We also do not know what systems this game will be available for, though it would be hard to imagine it doesn’t release on every major platform.