WATCH: This Is the ‘Overwatch’ RPG We Never Knew We Wanted

Have you ever wondered what Overwatch would look like if it was mixed with a game like Final Fantasy VII? Well, Youtuber The Salt Factory did and what he produced was an awesome video showcasing how it would all play out. Set on Route 66, the video starts by showing off an item menu system that includes some level staples like Large and Small Health Packs, but also some curious items tied to specific heroes.

We get a glimpse as Torbjorn’s hammer, Reaper’s mask, McCree’s BAMF belt buckle, and part of Tracer’s Slipstream mechanism, along with different variations of McCree’s Peacekeeper Revolver. There are some really nice touches in the menu, such as McCree being listed as a Sharpshooter, Mercy as a White Mage, and the different revolver types for McCree granting various passive effects.

However, the biggest chunk of this video is a battle between the player’s party and an enemy Roadhog who seems to have an insane amount of health. Fights play out similarly to other turn-based games, with users picking from a variety of moves to either damage a foe, health their wounds, or inflict status effects on enemies. Where the battle gets interesting is how The Salt Factory makes use of the various powers that each character is known for such as Reinhardt’s Barrier and Bastion’s Self-Repair. The camera work also invokes that classic RPG feel, with various angles showing off the battle as players scour through menus trying to deduce their next attack.

It all works together nicely and The Salt Factory did a wonderful job infusing the two genres while still keeping the essence of what Overwatch is about. The various personalities and functionalities of each hero shines through and it’s clear a lot of time went into making this. While there is probably no hope of this ever becoming a reality, we wouldn’t be opposed to an Overwatch RPG anytime soon.

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