‘XCOM 2: War of the Chosen’: Release Date, News, and Updates

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An expansion for XCOM 2 was announced at this year’s PC Gaming Show called War of the Chosen.

Jake Solomon, Creative Director of XCOM 2, came to the PC Gaming Show to announce the expansion, which revolves around the Chosen. According to PC Gamer, the Chosen were designed to be the ultimate threat to XCOM. The player will fight them multiple times over the course of the game and they will grow over the course of the game along with the player. The Assassin uses invisibility and close combat, the Hunter is a long-range sniper, and the Warlock will have magic skills. Chosen will constantly try to sabotage XCOM on the strategin map, taunt you on the battlefield, and even kidnap your soldiers.

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The expansion will also feature three different resistance factions that you will have to unify and recruit to use their tech and personnel. Reapers can use stealth, snipe enemies, and sabotage. Skirmishers are alien defectors who can perform multiple actions per turn. Templars are powerful psionic fighters who can charge power over the course of the mission and then unleash it on enemies.

You can work with resistance factions on the strategic map, sending them soldiers to help them out with missions and even give them powerful strategic orders.

The Lost is a new enemy type that are zombified citizens who attack in large swarms who are drawn to the sound of combat. However, they don’t like aliens either and will attack them.

New maps are also on offer taking place in ruined cities.

Many other features will be further detailed in the future. Soldiers can form bonds and pair off, there’s an in-game propaganda poster generator allowing you to spread the good word of XCOM, and a daily challenge.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen comes out August 29 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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