Bounzy!: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Bounzy!

1. Make Sure Your Spells Bounce Off as Many Enemies as Possible

Bounzy Game

Gram Games

• Don’t just shoot straight upwards to the closest enemy. It’s a waste if your spells only bounce once and return to your wall. Use angles close to the horizontal axis. Make sure your spells have a chance at bouncing off of the first enemy it hits right into a second enemy.

2. Try to Get as Many Spells as You Can Into the Gap on Top of the Enemy Waves for Maximum Damage

• There is always (at least) a one row gap between the top of the stage and the last summoned wave. Getting as many spells as possible to bounce between the top of the stage and the enemies closest to the top is ultimately the best way of dealing the most damage.

3. Never Just Hit the Boss From the Bottom Side; Use Their Size Against Them

• Bosses are pretty tough, but their size can be used as a weakness. Aim your attack to bounce between the Boss and the walls or the ceiling. If your spells are hitting the boss only once, you’ll only be dealing a minimum amount of damage.

4. Try to Open a Gap to Make Your Attack Line Go Through

• Pay attention to how your foes are lined up and try to get your spells into the gaps between them. Sometimes the entry of a gap is blocked and you might need the first few spells to open the entrance for the rest. When that’s the case, make sure that the angle you’re shooting at is beneficial to your progress by taking out the enemy blocking that gap.

5. Pay Attention to Which Special Spells Were Selected

Bounzy Game

Gram Games

• Once you unlock a few special spells, you’ll get a random pair of them for each attack. Make sure that you pay attention to which special spells you’re working with before sending them out.

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