Destiny 2 Beta: Here’s Every Exotic Weapon Available

Destiny 2

Exotics are the rarest items in the Destiny universe, as these special items typically possess unique and often very powerful properties. In the original Destiny, there was a large handful of Exotic items for players to acquire, however, in the Destiny 2 Beta there are only three. Unlike the actual Destiny game, users will only have access to three different exotic weapons. The catch is each one is bound to a specific class, so there is no way for any one Guardian to have all three.

The player will obtain their specific Exotic weapon during the “Homecoming” campaign mission. After you meet up with Shaxx (The guy with the flaming sword) he will open up a door to the armory. It’s here that players will obtain their first exotic off the gun rack.

The exotics are as followed:

  • Riskrunner – Warlock: This submachine gun is exceptionally powerful at close range, allowing players to decimate entire waves of enemies with one clip. Riskrunner’s core perk is called Arc Conductor which supercharges the weapon with electricity if you take Arc damage from an enemy. You only need to take a little bit of Arc damage and the effects will typically last for the entire clip.


  • Sunshot – Hunter: For the Hunters, you will obtain the Sunshot hand cannon which has natural Solar damage and superb handling. Its special perk is called Sunburn, which gives this pistol explosive rounds that have a ton of stopping power. Combine this with the Sun Blast perk which acts as a revamped version of Firefly from the original Destiny to get one powerful Exotic. Additionally,  any enemies you hit with this gun will be highlighted on your HUD for easy tracking.


  • Sweet Business – Titan: Sweet Business is a one weapon wrecking crew that certainly has the potential to output more damage than the other exotics. The main perk is called Payday which gives users a larger magazine and better accuracy when firing from the hip. The second main perk is called Business Time, which increases the range and fire rate when you hold down the trigger. Best of all, this perk reloads your current magazine automatically when you walk over ammo boxes.

All of these Exotics are a blast to use, but the most intriguing is Risk Runner. While trying to get it to trigger during the campaign mission can be annoying, it’s absolutely wonderful for The Inverted Spire strike. Since the bosses primary source of damage is Arc, it’s rare you will never not have the Arc Conductor perk active.

When it comes to PvP, Sunshot is the standout Exotic thanks to its solid reload speed, damage, perks, and handling. The Sweet Business is good, but the time to kill is a bit lower and thus can get you easily vaporized in a team fight. Remember, you are unable to swap between these exotics on one class, so it behooves you to try all three classes to test these exotics in battle.