Destiny 2 Beta: How to Defeat The Inverted Spire Strike Boss

Destiny 2

For those looking for a bit of PvE (Player vs Environment ) activities, the Destiny 2 Beta offers a rather lengthy strike dubbed “The Inverted Spire.” Unlike other Destiny strike bosses, the Protheon, Modular Mind is a three part fight that constantly adds new mechanics. Once you reach the boss room you’ll want to make sure you have all close quarters Supers unequipped since Protheon does a ton of damage at point blank range. While it’s possible to make use of Supers like the Arcstrider and Striker in this fight, they will not be nearly as effective.

When the fight starts you will want to keep your distance from Protheon and use the large stone pillars for cover. He only has a cannon at this point and will teleport around the room to try to get a shot on your fireteam. Stay near the back left corner on the central platform as he never warps there and it’s a safe place to take cover or revive fallen allies. Have one person focus on the Harpies that will pour out and the other two aim for his head which is the critical hit spot. Once he takes around 33% damage, the boss will warp and floor will vanish below you. Make sure to not be jumping when this happens as the fall can easily kill you if you’re not ready.

The next area is circular with Protheon remaining immobile in the center section of the platform. While he will still fire off his cannon, his new ability allows him to heat the ground and launch you off the platform. When you see the floor start to catch fire either jump and hover in the air, or get on top of the large circular pillars dotting the arena. Doing so will ensure you aren’t instantly barbecued when he activates this ability, so make sure to always keep an eye out for this move. Additionally, both HobGoblins and Goblins will spawn, so make sure to deal with them as they appear. After Protheon is dropped another 33% he will warp out and cause the area to vanish.

Protheon will now spawn on the outside of the area in what looks like a lake made of Vex energy. Stay on the platform and fire up at him as he walks around you. His weapon is fairly easy to dodge, but after his head’s blown off this big guy will begin running after you on the platform itself. Becare as his gun does a ton of damage up close and has a drastically improved fire rate in this final stage. Players will also have to content with Fanatic Goblins which leave a dangerous energy puddle when destroyed.

After this change happens, aim for the glowing portion of his chest as that will serve as his new weak spot. Never stay in an area for too long and eventually you will be able to knock this towering machine over and claim your loot. This battle is fairly straight forward once you get the hang of it, but it’s important to always keep a look out for his changing powers.