Destiny 2 Beta: How to Get Loot Quickly

Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 Beta is in full swing and players will want to acquire as much loot as humanly possible before the beta expires. While you can’t transfer any of these items over when the full game releases in September, there is still a fair amount of weapons and armor to unlock. This will this give you a suite of new items to try in PvE (Player vs Environment) and PvP (Player vs Player) activities. Given each class is only given a handful of weapons at the start of the beta, being able to try other items like the Linear Fusion Rifles or Submachine Guns are a nice addition.

Since you have a short amount of the time to try out all of the new loot, the best option is to simply play one of the two Crucible game modes. Loot is rewarded at the end of each match, regardless if you win or lose, allowing players to quickly rack up items. While you can play The Inverted Spire strike, loot is not rewarded until the very end of the mission. There are no engrams or loot dropped by enemies during the strike, so this isn’t a time friendly way to gain new items. However, if you do want everything offered, the Inverted Spire offers Vanguard specific armor you cannot obtain in the Crucible.

Speaking of, just run matches of Control if you’re serious about obtaining as much loot as you can. Countdown rounds can take a bit of time since they are slower paced, especially if you are playing against a good team. Users typically earn two pieces of loot per round, normally including both a weapon and piece of armor for you to wear. Users will only obtain armor pieces for the class you are using, so if you want new Warlock items make sure to swap to that class.

It may take a bit of time to obtain everything in the Destiny 2 Beta, but it’s worth it to try out every weaponed offered to players. There are also only two additional armor sets per each class, with one being Vanguard focused and the other Crucible.