Fate/Grand Order: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Fate/Grand Order.

1. Complete Your Daily Quests in Chaldea Gate

Fate Grand Order

Aniplex Inc.

• For those of you focused on the storyline, make sure you don’t forget to do your Daily Quests. The rewards upon completion will let you level up your Servants immensely and will give you Mana Prisms.

2. Mana Prisms

Fate Grand Order

Aniplex Inc.

• You can use Mana Prisms to purchase Summon Tickets, EXP Cards, and more. Burn your 3* Cards for Mana Prisms, which can help you exchange for useful items. (P.S. One of the best way to grind for 3* cards will be the Ember Gathering stages)

3. Hero Crystal

Fate Grand Order

Aniplex Inc.

• Fou Cards increase your Servant’s ATK and HP permanently. Don’t just focus on experience level, because these Cards let you enhance your Servant’s abilities no matter the level. You can get Fou cards from events from exchange them from the Mana Prism shop.

4. Don’t Be Discouraged if You Do Not Summon a 5* Servant

• The more powerful a Servant is, the higher the cost is to use in battle. Many low rarity Servants are not only useful in battle, but also useful in cost management.

5. Summoning Servants You Already Have?

Fate Grand Order

Aniplex Inc.

• Looking for an extra punch in battle? Use your duplicate Servants to level up a Servant’s Noble Phantasm. This will enable your Servant’s NP gauge to charge over 100-percent and level up the power of your Servant’s Noble Phantasm.

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