Final Fantasy XIV Adds New Raid and More With Patch 4.01

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV’s newest expansion pack, Stormblood, has been out for almost a month but its first patch has already added on a few new quests at the end of the expansion as well as introduced the first raid for the expansion.

While we haven’t had a chance to test out the new raid yet, it is one of our top priorities. It’s also a fun time in an MMO when a new raid is introduced, as it is a learning experience for all tiers of players. Eventually the strategy will be found but for a brief moment, everybody is on equal footing.

The Omega raid requires an item level of 295 or higher and will feature a full 8-player party. In order to enter the raid, players must first finish the “The Hunt for Omega” quest. A new line of Deltascape gear have been introduced with the raid which will be unlocked with tokens obtained from the new raid.

The raid wasn’t the only thing added with patch 4.01. New items were added but we don’t actually have a definitive list of them yet. To go with the new items, we have new mounts and minions, but we don’t have a list of those either.

To top everything off, the new patch brought a great deal of bug fixes to the game. These are as follows:

  • An issue during the main scenario quest “The Lord of the Revel” wherein a client error occurred after completing the trial “The Pool of Tribute” which prevented players from logging in.
    * Further details regarding this issue can be found on the Lodestone.
  • An issue wherein players could not progress through quests under certain conditions.
  • An issue in the FATE “No Lip” wherein rainbowlip oysters were difficult to target.
  • An issue wherein capturing a FATE monster would stop further enemies from spawning, preventing completion of the FATE.
  • An issue wherein the bard action Battle Voice had no effect when used immediately after Mage’s Ballad, Army’s Paeon, or the Wanderer’s Minuet.
    * In addition to addressing this issue, party members are no longer required to be under the effects of a song to receive the effects of Battle Voice.
  • An issue wherein Lilies were not added to a white mage’s Healing Gauge even when requirements for obtaining Lilies were met.
  • An issue wherein action help text for the dark knight action Blood Price did not accurately state the conditions for its effect.
  • An issue wherein the PvE action Bhavacakra dealt physical damage.
  • An issue wherein damage dealt when using the machinist action Rook Overdrive did not appear in the battle log.
  • An issue wherein the description of the status inflicted by the machinist action Dismantle was incorrect.
  • An issue wherein the scholar action Fey Union would always restore critical HP under certain conditions.
  • An issue wherein action help text for the faerie ability Fey Illumination was incorrect.
  • An issue wherein auto-attack did not engage when using the melee DPS role action Feint.
  • An issue wherein auto-attack did not engage when using the physical ranged DPS role action Leg Graze.
  • An issue wherein the help text for skill speed in the Character interface did not include the potency increase for auto-attacks.
  • An issue wherein changing jobs in certain areas such as the Waking Sands would place the recast timer of actions on cooldown.
  • An issue when forming a cross-world party wherein the party was listed as Locked Duty when viewing the World tab.
  • An issue when turning in collectables wherein a system message did not display when players exceeded the limit of red crafters’ or gatherers’ scrips they can receive.
  • An issue when searching recipes in the crafting log with a game pad wherein the cursor did not move to the search results list.
  • An issue when using the machinist action Flamethrower wherein its effect ended when a target within range would move.
  • An issue wherein various in-game text was displayed incorrectly.

You can read the full patch notes for patch 4.01 right here.

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