Fire Emblem Heroes Tempest Trials: Best Heroes to Use

Fire Emblem Heroes

Tempest Trials is back to offer an exciting and challenging new game mode for Fire Emblem Heroes. But which teammates should you take on your journey? Read on to find out.

Update: I previously said that Sharena can have different IVs. This is not true. Sharena has neutral IVs as one of the starter heroes.


fire emblem heroes reinhardt

Reinhardt is perfect for Tempest Trials as his Dire Thunder weapon ensures that he can take down opponents quickly without taking damage himself. He also has one extra movement space helps him reach opponents faster so you can boost your score with the speed bonus. With his Dire Thunder weapon, he gets an extra attack before the opponent even touches him. And if he’s faster than the opponent despite the -5 speed from the weapon, he can attack four times! Though this can be hard to achieve even with buffs due to his low speed. He also has huge attack that gets even scarier with a Hone Cavalry partner giving him even more power. However, his other stats aren’t anything to write home about and he needs someone buffing him to do his job properly.

Reinhardt should have high IVs in attack with low IVs in literally any other stat.

Death Blow will ensure that he gets KOs when initiating combat. Then you can keep Vantage as that will allow you to attack first if attacked at 75 percent HP or less, making up for Reinhardt’s unimpressive defenses. You can also keep Goad Cavalry to give attack and speed bonuses to allies within 2 spaces while they in turn give you buffs through Fortify Cavalry, making an apocalyptic team of horse riders. Then add Reposition and Luna and you have one powerful unit. Also consider giving him Bowbreaker to give him an easier time with ranged units, Lancebreaker to protect him from the many lance users in the metagame, or Wings of Mercy to swoop in and protect units from harm.


fire emblem heroes xander


A fantastic teammate for Reinhardt, Xander is able to not only dish out damage but take it as well, surviving for multiple maps against common melee units. He also has one extra movement speed and can take cavalry-boosting buff skills just like Reinhardt, turning him from a decent unit into a powerful tank. His weapon Siegfried allows him to counterattack any unit at any distance. With his massive defense and HP as well as respectable attack, he’s able to bait opponents and counter them with big damage. He’s also able to take down units that Reinhardt can’t like high resistance green mages. However, he has low speed making him susceptible to follow-up attacks. Add to that a pitiful resistance and he’ll find trouble against nearly all of the mages in the game. He is also only available as a reward for his grand hero battle, which is available only during limited times.

As he’s only available after grand hero battles, he does not get IV boons or banes. All his IVs are neutral.

His base kit of Armored Blow and Spur Defense is actually pretty useful as it allows him to take more damage when initiating attacks while boosting the defense of others. However, Quick Riposte is essential as it allows the user to make a follow-up attack if attacked at over 70 percent HP, making up for Xander’s slow speed and pairing nicely with the effects of Siegfried. Then add Fury to boost all his stats at the cost of taking damage every turn as well as Threaten Defense to defeat opponents easier. Then add Reposition to get units out of harm’s way and Ignis or Bonfire to boost his attack with his huge defense.

Azura, Olivia, or Ninian

Fire Emblem Fates Azura, Fire Emblem Heroes Azura, Azura

Having a dancer is essential for boosting high scores in Tempest Trials as their skills allow units to take an extra turn. That means powerful allies can take down another unit or get out of a compromising position with multiple enemies. While they’re not the strongest fighters, they can still hold their own against certain enemies.

Which dancer you use depends on your preferences and team composition. Azura is a fantastic lance unit with her Sapphire Lance+ granting 20 percent extra damage against common red units at the cost of having 20 percent reduced damage against green units. Olivia is less useful since she’s weaker than Azura and faces a lot of competition from other red units but her defense is higher than Azura and she’s a competent fighter. Ninian is able to boost the defenses of her dragon partners and deals magical damage.

No matter what dancer you use, you should have them inherit Wings of Mercy so they can warp to any ally on the map with less than half HP so you can save them from death and have them survive for more trials. Also give them Fury and Moonbow to boost their fighting capabilities. Moonbow will ignore 30 percent of the enemy’s defense and has a short cooldown. You should either use a “Hone” skill to boost allies’ stats or a “Threaten” skill to make enemies harder to kill.


fire emblem heroes nino


One of the most powerful units you can have on your team is a speedy mage unit with a “blade” tome, and Nino is one of the best. Her Gronnblade+ adds total buffs on her to the damage she deals on top of the effects of the buffs she already receives. Combine that with her speed and great attack and resistance as well as her ability to counter strong blue units in the game and she’s a shoe-in for your team. Just don’t get her hit by melee units.

A positive speed or attack IV and a negative HP IV is preferred.

By having her inherit Desperation, she can attack and then make a follow-up attack before the opponent does so long as she is under 75 percent HP. Then guarantee that she’ll take down opponents by having her inherit Death Bow or Fury as well as Moonbow. Then keep Hone Attack to buff allies as well as Draw Back to pull them out of a tough situation.


Fire Emblem Heroes lucina, fire emblem heroes

Any fast yet fragile sword unit with Desperation is perfect for the early stages of Tempest Trials, able to clear maps quickly while preserving other units for later matches. Lucina gets a spot on this list because she can do all that and has the effect of Renewal with her weapon allowing her to survive between matches without filling up her B slot and heal allies if she inherits a healing skill such as Ardent Sacrifice. She also comes with Luna as standard, which ignores 50 percent of an opponent’s defense with a moderate cooldown.

Make sure her IVs favor speed, as she will be able to outspeed most of the competition for double attacks. Any one of her stats could be lowered, but see if you can get a bane to defense or resistance.

Life and Death will give her all the speed and power she needs without having to get down to half HP with Defiant Speed or Defiant Attack. Fury also works well if you want to buff all her stats at the cost of taking damage every turn, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem because of the effect of Falchion. Desperation will ensure that she gets to take down opponents with a double attack before they even touch her so long as she has five extra speed than the opponent. Spur Attack allows her to support teammates as well by boosting their attack when standing next to them.

Also consider using Alm as he’s one of the bonus allies for this batch of Tempest Trials, offering a 40 percent boost to scores. His stats are more balanced making him less useful in the long run but his Windsweep ability is great for extra surviviability as it prevents counterattacks from slower melee units.

Bridal Cordelia

fire emblem heroes bridal blessings, fire emblem heroes cordelia

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

Cordelia ditches her Pegasus and grabs a bow to become one of the best archer units in the game. She has fantastic attack and speed allowing her to double attack units from a distance. Her colorless damage also has no weaknesses in the weapon triangle (except from units with “raven” tomes) meaning that her attack isn’t impeded by most units and she doesn’t take as much damage from them. She also gets an incredible rally skill that raises the attack and speed of a unit by three. However, her low defense and resistance makes her weak to physical attacks. And while she gets no weaknesses from colorless damage, she doesn’t get any strengths either. She can also be decimated by anyone with a “raven” tome. Her skills, while good, are also easily replaced by more useful skills. Despite that, she still lives up to her title as the “Perfect Bride.”

Cordelia would appreciate high IVs in attack or speed and low IVs in either defense or resistance.

Give her the Brave Bow+ so she attacks four times in one turn if she has five speed higher than the opponent in spite of the drop in speed with the weapon. Also give her Luna as a special skill and either Life and Death or Death Blow. Then replace Escape Route with Desperation and Breath of Life with Threaten Speed.

Bridal Lyn

fire emblem heroes bridal blessings, fire emblem heroes lyn

While healers have never been that important in the metagame, they get extra use in Tempest Trials as they can heal units and prevent them from being killed off for the rest of the trial. I picked Bridal Lyn as her weapon prevents the opponent from making counterattacks, further increasing the survivability of allies. Dazzling Light prevents herself from being counterattacked, allowing her to debuff enemies without retaliation. Rehabilitate is one of the best healing skills in the game and her Swift-Winds Balm special skill grants all allies extra speed for one turn. She’s also tied with Maria as the fastest healer, which allows her to double attack without being double attacked in return. She also has high HP and above average defense. The only problem is that she has low resistance, making her vulnerable to powerful mages. And while she’s more powerful than other healers, her attack is still pretty average limiting her offensive options.

Lyn is best with a positive IV in attack or speed and a negative IV in HP or resistance.

Give her Speed +3 as well as Threaten Resistance for more offensive potential. You can also swap out Swift-Winds Balm with Miracle to give her more survivability.


fire emblem heroes effie

For Tempest Trials, you’ll not only need an opponent who can defeat enemies but can do so across the entire trial. And few can do that job better than Effie. She has the strongest attack stat in the entire game as well as monstrous HP and defense. While her speed and resistance are low and she can only move one space, that won’t matter when you’re swatting nearly every unit on the map away like flies.

She would appreciate a positive IV in attack or defense as well as a negative one in speed.

Her base kit is already good to go with Death Blow boosting her attack as well as Wary Fighter which prevents follow-up attacks from her and enemies if her HP is over 50 percent, which means that half the time she doesn’t need to worry about being double attacked. Her Silver Lance+ is also powerful but to truly take down the competition you should give her a Brave Lance+. Also giver he Pivot to increase her mobility as well as Bonfire to take advantage of her huge defense and Threaten Defense to make opponents even easier to kill.


sharena, fire emblem heroes sharena

Sharena is one of the best supports, and you don’t even have to pray to the RNG gods to summon her as she’s one of the first heroes you acquire. The road to leveling her up from two stars to five may be a long one but it’s well worth it. She gets two ways to buff teammates in Rally Attack and Fortify Defense as well as the powerful Fensalir weapon which can lower the attack of opponents within two spaces. She’s a also a strong fighter in her own right with well-balanced stats allowing her to deal and take significant damage. She’s also a great counter to many of the popular red units in the game. Her only weakness is her relatively low resistance and the fact that her debuff only applies if enemies are near at the beginning of your turn, meaning enemies can get close and take her out before the debuff even applies. Also, she’s one of the bonus allies for this round of Tempest Trials boosting the score by 20 percent (this doesn’t stack with heroes with higher score boosts, though).

As Sharena is one of your starter heroes, she has neutral IVs across the board.

Inherit Fury so you can increase nearly all of your stats at the cost of taking damage every turn. Then either inherit Renewal to heal some of the damage from Fury and take more hits or Seal Speed to lower the speed of the enemy after combat and give her another way to debuff. If you don’t want to stick with Fortify Defense, the effect of Fensalir can stack with “Threaten” skills like Threaten Defense to lower both attack and defense.



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Your list is flawed. Bride Cordelia should be at the top of this thing. In the last Tempest and in this one she carries my first team through level 1 to 6 with such ease I swore and still swear the game is skipping levels for me.

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