Fortnite: How to Edit Walls and Make Doors


While you are out constructing structures to hold off against the storm and its horde of monsters in Fortnite,  players will want to make more than just walls. Thankfully, players can break down walls of all types into various chunks to form everything from small barricades, windows, half walls, and even doors. This not only expands your building options, but can provide valuable ways to engage the zombies before they manage to actually get close. In order to edit your walls first bring up your build menu with Triangle (PS4)

In order to edit your walls first bring up your build menu with Triangle (PS4) / Y (Xbox One) and then scroll over to the wall symbol. If you’re on PC the default button to edit will be the ~ key, but we recommend switching this to G,F, Q, or X. From here, move to where you would want to place the wall and then hold down Circle (PS4) / B (Xbox One) to enter the Edit Menu. In this state, you can now break down individual parts of the wall, specifically nine different sections. You can highlight these parts in real time and then press down on the right trigger to remove them. This will cause you to consume fewer resources and make more precise constructions.

If you want to build a door, just remove the middle and bottom middle blocks before confirming your choice. This will instantly create a door once the wall is constructed, which can be opened or closed by pressing the Square (PS4) / X (Xbox One) button. Make sure to always construct a door if you’re building a fort so you can get inside and access more areas. Players should also consider adding a few chest high barricades as they not only allow you to shoot from behind cover, but provide a minor way to delay advances.

Remember to always make sure that you have extra resources on hand so you can repair your walls if they come under heavy attack. The last thing you want in Fortnite is to have a horde of undead burst through the walls and kill you.




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