Friday The 13th: The Game PS4 Hotfix Now Live, Xbox Coming Soon

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Developer Gun Media has officially released the newest hotfix for their survival horror multiplayer title Friday The 13th: The Game. While this patch doesn’t aim to balance anything in-game, the hotfix aims to fix a number of annoying bugs that players have had to deal with. Most notably is the Packanack Cabin glitch that allowed survivors to get onto the roof of the building and thus become unkillable for the Jason player. Up until now only the PC version of this game had this glitch repaired, so it’s a relief to know both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are getting updated.

In a post on Facebook today, Gun Media detailed the various changes that this patch aims to address. Here is what they remarked upon and what users can expect fixed:

This hotfix is mainly addressed at fixing memory leak issues (those crashes that occur from time to time) as well as the various exploits that have been utilized by players. The ‘crouch glitch’ that has been used by players to get on roofs and within hidden areas is patched out and should no longer be occurring to players. Other areas have also been looked at and patched up as to prevent users from getting into spots where Jason cannot go.

Gun Media continued and explained that the Xbox One version of this hotfix will be available “shortly” so don’t fret if that’s where you play Friday The 13th. The developers explained that they had over 5,000 separate reports of people exploiting this glitch and have already begun to issue bans to the various players involved.

Despite having an incredibly rough launch, it’s great to see all of the major issues for Friday The 13th: The Game are getting ironed out. This should end the massive wave of exploiters who have been abusing glitches to gain XP, which will hopefully allow the developers to focus on refining their content.

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