Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. Experiment With Your Space Mission Crew Selection and Exploration Participants

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow

TinyCo, Inc.

• Try to mix up your Space Mission crew as much as you can. All character jobs have different stats, combat attacks, special abilities, and exploration options, so some characters will be better choices for certain missions than others. Some Space Mission paths may require a specific character, outfit, or level to access, while some exploration options may be unique to a character or job as well.

7. Get a Universe-Restoring Artifact From The Final Mission on Each Planet to Unlock The Next District in New New York

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow

TinyCo, Inc.

• On your mission to restore the universe after the discombobulation caused by the Hypnotoad mating ritual, you’ll need to collect ancient alien artifacts from Space Missions. Each planet has a series of missions, but you must complete the final mission to collect each planet’s artifact. Collecting all seven artifacts will reveal a secret message – if you can decode it.

8. Use Health Packs and Revive Packs to Complete Difficult Space Missions

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow

TinyCo, Inc.

• If you’re having trouble making it to the end of a space mission, make sure you have a couple health packs or revive packs to keep your crew in tip-top shape. Health packs will fully restore the health of one crew member, and revive packs will bring one crew member back after losing all of his/her health. If you’re still having trouble, don’t forget to keep leveling up your characters.

9. Collect Hypnotons From Space Missions, Then Use Them to Clear Hypnowaves from Buildings and Blocks in New New York

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow

TinyCo, Inc.

• Running out of space in New New York? Be sure to venture into space and collect Hypnotons. Hypnotons give Robot 1-X the power to clear hypno-rifts in New New York and create more space for you to expand the city. Hypnotons are collected from every space mission – even if you’re replaying a mission you’ve already completed.

10. Watch Videos to Earn Free Pizza

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow

TinyCo, Inc.

• Got an insatiable appetite for pizza? Tap on the Hypnotoad billboard in New New York to watch short videos and receive FREE pizza.


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I send Prof Farnsworth (min level 6) middle route on his own to collect Lizards whilst the crew box em up!
Kinda funny and pay back for all the ‘Good news everyone’ missions where he gets his crew into danger!
Make sure you keep his power up for the triple Omercronians as the popplers can be defeated in 3 hits.
I’ve got 115 lizards but only really need 33 as not sure if they’ll be needed later.
I’ll be forced to use pizza though.
Lets just hope Pimperoo will be a useable character.
I think it ends at 10pm uk time, but am going to get it all done by 8:30 just incase (BST) and all that.


He’s an animated decoration. The FAQ file within the game shows that. I was bummed too. Gave up on trying to get him though have 41 out of 50 boxes necessary


Anyone know how to cancel a job? In Simpsons, you can put a building into Inventory to pop the character out. I accidentally sent Scruffy on a non-“Box Lizards” job during the Pets event, and can’t get him back for another 4hrs. The event seems to require a big commitment to get 50 boxes of packed lizards completed, with only 4 characters who can do it (Bender, Robot Fry, Scruffy and, by good fortune, Hedonismbot).


I wish they had a cancel action ability for everything.

As far as I can tell, getting 50 boxes by the end date will only happen with lots of pizza. I figure I could have around 35 by the end date not using any pizza.

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