How to Catch Articuno & Lugia in ‘Pokemon Go’: Best Throws & Techniques

Now that you’ve defeated a Legendary Articuno or Lugia in a Raid Battle, how do you actually catch the Pokemon? Some people have noted that Pokemon Go Fest participants enjoyed a 100 percent catch rate. But for most trainers, the Legendaries are pretty tough to catch.

Here are some tips offered by other trainers.

Best Way to Catch Articuno

Redditor Alienturtle9 notes that catching Articuno was easier than catching Lugia. It only took two balls to capture Articuno, while it took 10 balls to capture Lugia.

But Redditor darthfalco disagrees. He used nine balls on Articuno and couldn’t capture it. “Pretty tricky to catch, small hit box and moved around a lot.”

Redditor Ramshackal agreed on this, noting that in a group of 20, only four caught Articuno. “He spends most of his time high up on the screen so it’s a bit awkward.”

Redditor dt_Spark thought Articuno was much more difficult to capture than normal. “You have to hit the body area, not the wings,” dt said.

My group’s best results came from being patient and throwing right as the attacks were about to finish. I had 9 balls for the first Articuno and failed to catch it. I had 7 balls for the second Articuno and caught it with the 3rd ball. Would highly recommend using the golden razz…”

So when trying to catch Articuno, aim for the body area, not the wings, use lots of golden razz, and be patient.

Best Ways to Catch Lugia

Redditor darthfalco used 11 balls on Lugia and couldn’t catch it the first time. He wasn’t successful the second time with nine balls, even with two excellent throws and three greats. But his partner caught Lugia with just three or four balls, so this can be a little tough to predict.

The throws that Alienturtle9 used for Lugia were all Golden Razz + Curveball + Great Throw. This Redditor suggests:  “Do not mess around with straight throws or Pinap berries.” Lugia’s ability to fly and move can also mean that it will be in a different position by the time the ball reaches it.

Redditor dt_Spark thought Lugia was slightly easier to capture because its larger body gave a bigger target area for throws, but its attack can be very long. He suggests watching the attack a couple times before the first throw, so you get a better idea of how the attacks work. He continued:

I got incredibly lucky with my throws and got the 1st Lugia in the first of 6 balls and the 2nd Lugia with the second of 7 balls. Would highly recommend using the golden razz.”

Golden Razz seems like a good choice for either Legendary. In general, Lugia will be tougher to catch, so be prepared and don’t rely on straight throws.

Do you have any tips for catching either Legendary? Let us know and we may add your tips to the story above.

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