Injustice 2: How to Play as Sub-Zero

Sub Zero Injustice 2

Injustice 2’s newest foe has entered the fray, however, this fighter is not from the DC Universe. Instead, developer NetherRealm Studios have brought one of their famous Mortal Kombat characters, Sub-Zero, into the game. This fighter is bringing his unique move set into Injustice 2, however, there have been some tweaks to how he will play. This is a rather powerful hero, however, unlike the Red Hood his learning curve is not nearly as steep.

Sub-Zero is a mid to close range fighter that can both deal some point blank range punishment, but also zone enemies via his Character Power. This is a starter guide for Sub-Zero players as we will go over how to use basic combos, his special moves, and when to utilize his Character Power in a fight. Here’s a basic breakdown of Sub-Zero, his abilities, and some good starting combos to learn in Injustice 2:

Important Combo Moves:

  • Chinese Ninja Warrior
    • Square, Square (PS4)
    • X, X  (Xbox One)
  • Hailstone
    • Square, Square, Square (PS4)
    • X, X, X (Xbox One)
  • Ice Strike
    • Square, Square, Triangle (PS4)
    • X,X,Y (Xbox One)
  • Permafrost
    • Square, Square, X (PS4)
    • X, X, A (Xbox One)
  • Icy Death
    • Square, Triangle (PS4)
    • X, Y (Xbox One)
  • Tundra
    • Square, Triangle, X (PS4)
    • X, Y, A (Xbox One)
  • Ices Up
    • Back + Square, Square (PS4)
    • Back + X, X (Xbox One)
  • Cold Blooded
    • Triangle, Triangle (PS4)
    • Y, Y (Xbox One)
  • Snowfall 
    • Triangle, Triangle, X (PS4)
    • Y, Y, A (Xbox One)
  • Below Freezing 
    • Back  + Triangle, X (PS4)
    • Back + Y, A (Xbox One)
  • Chill Out
    • Back  + Triangle, X, X (PS4)
    • Back + Y, A, A (Xbox One)
  • Killing Blow
    • X, X (PS4)
    • A, A (Xbox One)

Special Moves:

  • Ice Burst 
    • Down, Back, Square  (PS4)
    • Down, Back, X (Xbox One)
  • Polar Puncture 
    • Down, Back, Forward, Square (PS4)
    • Down, Back, Forward, X (Xbox One)
  • Ice Ball
    • Down, Forward, Triangle (PS4)
    • Down, Forward, Y (Xbox One)
  • (Air) Frost Hammer 
    • Down, Back, Triangle (PS4)
    • Down, Back, Y (Xbox One)
  • Slide
    • Back, Forward, X (PS4)
    • Back, Forward, A (Xbox One)

Sub Zero fighter Injustice 2

Character Power:

Sub-Zero’s Character Power is called Cryomancer and it allows this fighter to create an ice clone of himself. They can be either then be destroyed, thrown, or used as a shield to block attacks/projectiles from opponents. This is one of the fastest charging Character Powers in Injustice 2, so there is almost no reason to not use it liberally. His ice clones are fantastic for zoning aggressive opponents like Bane or Atrocitus who want to close the gap with more nimble fighters. If they touch an ice clone the opponent will freeze in place for a second, allowing players to lay on some damage.

When you’re not fighting, using this ability should always be in the back of your mind. Try to predict your opponent’s movements, as you can drop ice clones both on the ground and in the air. The latter is especially potent for fighters like Batman who can glide down, as the meter burned version of this produces a second clone behind the first. Being able to deny and zone enemies is critical for Sub-Zero as it will give him some much-needed breathing room between combos. I typically like to end a string by throwing out a clone so I can back off and gain some space.

How to Play Sub-Zero:

Unlike other fighters, Sub-Zero isn’t as reliant on nailing every one of his juggles and long combos in order to succeed. It’s absolutely important, but this character is more forgiving than other fighters like Red Hood or Catwoman. One of his most powerful abilities is he can freeze opponents in place, allowing for a brief window to grab, ultimate, or begin a combo. Moves like Ice Ball and Polar Puncture both freeze foes if they’re meter burned, while Ice Burt and Frost Hammer knock foes away when meter burned.

Sub-Zero’s meter burns are very powerful, as they almost always set him up to either begin/continue a combo or gain some space if you’re being pressured. However, his special abilities are potent without being meter burned, as they act as great ways to finish combos. Moves like Icy Death and Cold-Blooded are great to combo into his Ice Burst or Ice Ball. You will need to Special Move Cancel for these to reliably hit. but they are great basic strings to learn.

His Slide is also quite useful as it can be Special Move Cancelled into, allowing players to chase after opponents they are applying pressure to. Since you slide a fair amount of distance, you can use this move to quickly close the gap between you and your foe. Moves like Chill Out and Tundra knock foes away, so try sliding after them as soon as you finish this basic combo. Another solid combo is wall bouncing your foe and then catching them with either a meter burned Ice Ball or Chill Out.

When it comes to Sub-Zero’s ultimate this is a fairly easy one to land since you have multiple ways of freezing your foes. Use your clones to catch your foe and immobilize them long enough for your ultimate attack to hit. However, given how essential his meter burns are, don’t feel like you need to use your ultimate in a battle. What you need to watch out for are heroes like Deadshot who can pump out more projectiles than you can ice clones and those that can teleport past your ice clones like Darkseid. They can be obnoxious to fight, however, it’s possible to win if you manage to freeze them in place.

It may take a bit of time, but if you are finding some of the characters heroes hard to play consider grabbing Sub-Zero in Injustice 2. He is a fairly easy fighter to get a handle on and there are some really intriguing combos you can use on enemies.

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