LawBreakers: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

LawBreakers Nexon

Arena shooters are all the rage these days.

The tried and true mechanics of Unreal Tournament and Quake are being revived in new and innovative ways. Quake Champions is gearing up for a full release and newcomers such as BattleRite are next up at bat. Another one of the newest contenders joining the scene is LawBreakers, a high-flying shooter that’s all about constant movement and non-stop action. It’s plausible that tons of people already took the game for a spin during its beta phase. But for those of you who still don’t know what all the hype is about, you’re about to find out why you should care.

Here’s everything you should know about the upcoming PS4 and PC FPS, LawBreakers.

1. LawBreakers is the First Project From Cliff Bleszinski’s New Game Development Studio

Boss Key Productions

Boss Key Productions

Boss Key Productions, the development team behind LawBreakers, has a very familiar name attached to it. That name is Cliff Bleszinski, one of the founding fathers of the development studio based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Cliff started Boss Key Productions in 2014 alongside fellow video game developer Arjan Brussee. Cliff Bleszinski is best known for work on the Gears of War franchise while associated with Epic Games. LawBreakers is the very first project from Cliff and Arjan’s video game development studio. To get a look at the entire team that makes up Boss Key Productions, check out the following link.

2. LawBreakers is a Fast-Paced FPS That Allows Players to Defy Gravity at Any Time

LawBreakers is set within a futuristic time period on Earth. A catastrophic event referred to as “The Shattering” effects the global landscape and gravity of the entire planet. Two different factions have been birthed in the aftermath of this planet altering occurrence – “Law” abiding citizens who combat all illegal activity and criminals who embrace Earth’s newfound anarchy as a “Breaker.”

The game’s team-based, FPS gameplay maintains an incredibly fast pace, features a huge cast of characters who stick to specific roles, variable abilities for each character and plenty of impressive firearms. What makes LawBreakers stand out from the pack of other arena shooters is its focus on vertical movement. Prepare to involve yourself in battles where both factions can be seen blasting each other out of the air as they fight to complete the current task at hand.

3. There are 18 Characters to Choose From Who’re Represented by Nine Battle Roles

There’s a good amount of character classes you can get acquainted with during your time spent with LawBreakers. The roles you can choose from include Assassin, Battle Medic, Enforcer, Gunslinger, Harrier, Juggernaut, Titan, Vanguard and Wraith. Most of these classes offers up a signature primary weapon, a sidearm, a throwable weapon or explosive, an evasive ability and a booster skill of some kind. The full character list and what class they stick to can be read below:

– Hellion (Assassin)
– Kitsune (Assassin)
– Tokki (Battle Medic)
– Fang (Battle Medic)
– Axel (Enforcer)
– Kintaro (Enforcer)
– Abaddon (Gunslinger)
– Faust (Gunslinger)
– Sunshine (Harrier)
– Baron (Harrier)
– Aegis (Juggernaut)
– Nash (Juggernaut)
– Bomchelle (Titan)
– Cronos (Titan)
– Maverick (Vanguard)
– Toska-9 (Vanguard)
– Deadlock (Wraith)
– Helix (Wraith)

4. Your Gravity Defying Battles Will Take Place Across Six Maps and Four Modes

The explosive action that transpires in LawBreakers goes down across a wealth of locations that have been permanently changed by “The Shattering” – Grand View, Mammoth, Promenade, Reactor, Station and Vertigo. For a complete breakdown of each game mode, refer to all their descriptions listed below:

Uplink: Fight for control of the Uplink and download valuable data to your team’s base, because if you don’t – you fncking lose.

Blitzball: Work as a team to gain possession of the EURO Ball and take it to the enemy’s base goal to score a point. First team to reach the score limit wins.

Turf War: Fight as a team to lock three zones throughout the map and be the first to reach the score limit.

Overcharge: Battle to charge a single battery that exists in the map at your team’s base to 100-percent. First team to charge it multiple times and reach the score limit wins the match.

5. This New FPS Can Be Obtained Through Two Ways – The Core or Deadzo Deluxe Edition

There’s a standard digital edition of LawBreakers (known as “The Core Edition”) and a digital deluxe edition (which has been christened “The Deadzo Deluxe Edition”). Pre-ordering The Core Edition means its recipients will come away with Assassinated Account Portrait, Sunflare Skin for Hellion and Honor-Bound Skin for Kitsune.

Going big with The Deadzo Edition means you’ll get the following pre-order bonuses – everything included with The Core Edition, six character skins, five “Hadronium Blue” weapon skins, Deadzo Weapon stickers and a Deadzo Account Portrait. If you’re more of a collector, then you’ll be happy to know that Limited Run Games will make physical versions of LawBreakers available. The picture posted below showcases the standard edition and Collector’s Edition of the game’s physical copies:

LawBreakers Physical Edition

Limited Run Games

Buy LawBreakers here.

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