Overwatch Hit With Errors Following Doomfist Update

Overwatch Doomfist

Doomfist has officially launched in Overwatch and already players are swarming like mad to take control of this melee character. However, his introduction not only seeks to bring terror amongst players, but apparently the servers as well. It appears that his introduction has caused some issues with people connecting to games, no doubting having to do with the massive strain the servers must be under right now.

Users have taken to the Overwatch Reddit to point out that the game is basically unplayable right now. This seems to be limited to consoles right now, as both PS4 and Xbox One users are reporting issues connecting to games. Blizzard tweeted out earlier that they are away of the problem and are currently working to correct it.

There is no word when this fix could come, especially since Doomfist is perhaps the most popular character introduced since the launch of the game. We highly recommend sticking to Arcade and Quick Play right now, since being booted from a Competitive match will have more severe consequences. These changes could be affected by the live maintenance that’s currently taking place as well, yet there is no word on what that entails or when it will be over.

Right now your best bet is to just keep trying Quickplay or starting up a Custom Game with friends. However, this is not terribly reliable as well since offline modes like the Practice Range are also nearly impossible to join. Some issues we noted where the game finding a match and never joining, the training mode never connecting, and disconnections in the middle of matches. We will update this post as the situation develops and let you know when the game is in a stable condition.

Update 1:

It appears that the servers are running much smoother now. If you are encountering an error try reloading your game and then entering a match.