Pokemon Go: Is the Anniversary Box a Good Deal?

Niantic The Anniversary Box in Pokemon Go.

To celebrate Pokemon Go‘s first anniversary, Niantic is selling an “Anniversary Box” in the game’s store. So is this box a good value?

Well, the box does definitely offer a discount, but it’s a pretty small one that has disappointed the vast majority of players. The box is 1200 coins and contains six Egg Incubators, six Max Revives, two Premium Raid Passes, and 20 Ultra Balls.

Separately, six Egg Incubators costs 900 coins, two Premium Raid Passes cost 200 coins, and six Max Revives cost 180 coins. This adds up to 1280 coins, making the box a discount of just 80 coins. Granted, that’s not including the value of the Ultra Balls, items that can not be purchased normally.

This Anniversary Box is Niantic’s least significant discount ever, as one Reddit user pointed out by going through all of the previous examples of Niantic putting items on sale. During New Year’s, for example, Niantic sold three similar sale boxes, and these boxes gave players a discount of anywhere between 35 and 58 percent depending on which one you bought. The Anniversary Box is only a discount of 6.25 percent. The only previous discount that comes close was a Christmas box that was a discount of 50 coins, but this was still equivalent to a 16.6 percent drop in price.

Pokemon Go players got themselves hyped up over the past few weeks for the anniversary event, hoping for some sort of Double XP or Stardust bonus. When it was announced that all the event involved was a Pikachu wearing a hat and an Anniversary Box in the store, they at least hoped the box would be a significant discount.

When players discovered what the discount was, they were extremely upset. It got to the point that the Pokemon Go subreddit required the mods to come in and sticky a post reminding everyone to calm down and stop flooding the community with complaint posts.

Explaining the frustration currently being expressed on the Pokemon Go subreddit, one user wrote, “Everyone has been on edge since the gym update which basically holds our pokemon hostage, delivers little to no coins and completely removes the incentive to go out and play. Now we get the 1 year anniversary and it’s the worse event yet. Yeah, of course people are angry.”

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