‘Pokemon Go’ Fest: Which Unowns Have Been Caught So Far? [PHOTOS]

Niantic Unown

Things may be going so badly at the Pokemon Go Fest that players are actually getting refunds as an apology from Niantic, but that doesn’t mean that some fun things still aren’t happening. Unown is at the event in many forms. Prior to this, Unown was really rare and only a few scattered lucky trainers had been able to catch the elusive Pokemon.

Here’s a list, in photo form, of the Unowns seen so far. Remember, they can be found up to a two mile radius outside the Festival, through Monday.

The original rumor was that we had enough Unowns to spell CHICAGO, but it looks like there’s a lot more than that out there. And now they’re available outside the park too.

Here are some Unowns that have been caught.

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Maybe the most common Unown being seen today, but definitely not the only one. This wa also one of the first Unown types to be found when Gen 2 was released:

Prior to today, Unowns were very rare. We know when they were first released as part of Gen 2 starting in February, but little else surfaced about them except for the occasional player who found a Unown unexpectedly in the wild.