‘Pokemon Go’ Fest: Will Legendaries Still Be Released?


Server issues played Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago so much that Niantic ended up issuing refunds and $100 Pokecoins as an apology. But this still leaves on big question. Are Legendaries going to be released today or tomorrow, or is that all over too? And if not, when will players get a chance to battle and catch them in the future?

It appears that yes, plan are still going forward for the Legendary release later today.

UPDATE: Lugia is appearing in 48 hours. See the story here

Original Story:

Niantic has three challenges and a mystery challenge today, but global players can also participate in making sure the goals are reached. Despite the problems, the challenges are still continuing at their regular schedule. It’s unlikely that Niantic will let these server issues stop the ultimate release of a Legendary in a raid battle later today.

Of course, considering how crazy everything has gone so far today, anything could happen.

Some fans are pretty upset about what’s happened so far:

But some people are handling everything OK:

We will update this story as soon as we have more information.

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