Pokemon Go Glitches: Game Showing Pokemon in Gym When It Isn’t Really There

Niantic Pokemon Go is available for iOS and Android devices.

Yet another glitch is beginning to affect Pokemon Go players worldwide, with this one making certain Pokemon completely unavailable.

Ever since the gym update was released, some Pokemon Go fans have encountered an issue in which the game seems to think that one of their Pokemon is stationed in a gym even when it isn’t. What usually happen is that you’ll get an error message when initially trying to add the Pokemon to the gym. The Pokemon will not successfully show up in that gym, but it will still register as being a defender if you go to the Pokemon’s page.

In addition, if you look at the gym badge for that particular gym, it will show that you do not have a Pokemon there. Despite that, the game still seems to think this particular Pokemon is currently out as a defender.

Thus far, nobody has found a solution for getting your Pokemon back if this happens. It is subsequently stuck in a state of limbo; because the Pokemon isn’t actually in a gym, it can’t be kicked out like Pokemon usually are, and there is therefore not a way to get it to return home.

Weirdly, the game will still allow you to add another Pokemon to that particular gym and collect coins from that one, but this will not do anything to affect the status of the original, glitched Pokemon.

For now, the only thing you can really do if you experience this glitch is report the bug to Niantic and hope that they will come up with a solution. Already there have been dozens of complaints online, especially on Twitter and Reddit, so hopefully Niantic has been made aware of this common problem and is hard at work on a solution to be released in a forthcoming update.