‘Pokemon Go’ Lugia: Best Moves & Counters in Raids


Lugia is going to be around a while longer in Pokemon Go, and trainers are assessing the best moves and counters for defeating Lugia in a Raid Battle. Here are some of the basics that trainers have determined so far.

Best Overall Counters

According to GamePress and notes from trainers, Lugia’s variety of charge moves can make it tough to counter. In general, Tyranitar and Zapdos are the best overall bets if you’re looking for a simple choice without getting into too many specifics. For the best overall Supreme Counter, go with: Tyranitar with Bite and a Charge Move of Stone Edge or Crunch, and Zapdos with Charge Beam and Charge Moves of Thunderbolt or Thunder.

Things change a bit when looking at specific moves. For example, when battling a Lugia with Hydro Pump, Level 35+ Gyarados is a Supreme Counter, but it’s only Good against other moves. Other good Pokemon in this situation are Dragonite and Lapras (not Golem.)

GamePress explains that Lugia’s charge move can be determined by looking at the auto-select choices. A powerful Tyranitar that doesn’t fall into the auto-select category means that Lugia likely has Hydro Pump, for exaple.

Good Counters

GamePress lists the following as “Good Counters” (not Supreme Counters.) Check out their page here for more details.

  • Gyarados with Bite + Crunch/Hydro Pump
  • Omastar with Rock Throw + Rock Slide or Water Gun + Rock Blast
  • Jolteon with Thunder Shock + Thunderbolt/Discharge
  • Magneton with Thunder Shock or Spark + Discharge or Zap Cannon
  • Dragonite with Dragon Tail or Dragon Breath + Dragon Claw or Outrage or Hurricane
  • Golem with Rock Throw + Stone Edge or Rock Blast

Gyarados vs. Tyranitar

Redditor RyanoftheDay noted that if you have a Gyarados of 35+ with Bite+Crunch or Hydro Pump, then it’s a great option against Lugia, especially if Lugia has Hydro Pump. Gyarados isn’t a great choice below Level 35, but once you hit 35, consider using it as a counter.

Tyranitar is still the better choice overall. But a selection of Gyarados with Tyranitars could work well.  Here are some more details about the Gyarados vs. Tyranitar question.

As Redditor sts_ssp explains, when considering Tyranitars vs Gyarados (both with perfect IVs), Tyranitar’s Bite does 4 damage as soon as it’s at level 20.5, and the damage never increases the higher its level climbs. Once Gyarados reaches 34.5, its Bite delivers the same damage level of 4.

Meanwhile, Gyarados with Bite/Crunch at Level 34.5 might be slightly better than Tyranitar with an equivalent Bite/Crunch when countering a Lugia with Dragon Tail/Hydro Pump. Once they increase to Level 39, Tyranitar has the advantage.

If you don’t have these at your disposable, Lapras with ice moves can counter hydro pumps quite well.

Additional Counter Suggestions

Redditior torpedorunner put together a list of his recommendations for Lugia in a chart form here. For Lugia, the top counters based on overall performance in his simulations are:

  • Six Tyranitars with Bite/Crunch or Stone Edge
  • A Legacy Omastar
  • Gengar or Alakazam (they do high damage, but they also faint quickly)
  • Houndoom (two x dark)
  • Jynx (2 x ice)
  • Jolteon or Magneton
  • Golem (2 x rock)
  • Dragonite (DT/outrage)

Have you found any other Pokemon with good moves and counters against Lugia? Let us know in the comments below.

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