Splatoon 2: 5 Tips and Tricks for Salmon Run

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Salmon Run is Splatoon 2’s version of a horde mode that tasks users with fending off waves of fish monsters while collecting golden eggs from unique bosses. This mode allows up to four players to fight against waves of mutated fish, all while collect rare golden orbs. The more orbs you collect, the better your rewards will be at the end of the match. Overall, Salmon Run is fairly straight forward, however, if you really want to make the most of this mode you’ll need to master a few tricks.

Here are 5 tips for making you a Splatoon 2 Salmon Run master:

1. Always Have Multiple Ink Paths

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When you’re out fighting against the Salmonids you’ll constantly have to make sure that you leave yourself ways to escape or retreat back to the collection pod. Since every type of enemy leaves or can produce enemy ink, it’s imperative that you leave your team various paths to quickly travel across the map if needed. Mobility is everything in Salmon Run, so you want to make sure you can grab those precious golden eggs and then get right back to the collection pod to deposit them.

Having to jump out, clear a path, and then go back into squid form will easily get you killed. If you aren’t fighting enemies, make sure to occupy your time by covering territory. This will become even more important during the third round where Salmon Run throws multiple bosses at you in quick succession.

2. Learn to Farm Salmon Rushes

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There are various different types of events that can take place during Salmon Run, however, the one you want is called a Rush. When this triggers the time of day will shift to night and your team will be attacked by unending waves of angry Salmonids along with Gold Salmonids. They only have close range attacks and will always charge to your most concentrated position. Use this to your advantage and chill right by the egg collector so you can decimate their ranks and quickly deposit golden eggs.

This will not only ensure your team can gain as many eggs as possible, but also remove the risk of getting swarmed. We recommend always having two people firing and two collecting, with these positions rotating if you need to reload. Of course, this is a bit more complicated if no one is talking so just use the “This Way!” command to signal where to set up.

3. Don’t Over Extend

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Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

Wih the exception of a map in high tide, players have a bad habit of rushing onto the beach and getting surrounded. Only a few bosses won’t come to you, so try to draw your foes in before engaging them to ensure your team isn’t obliterated. Fighting on the beach can be extremely dangerous if your collection pod is on the boat since both ways back on board are rather dangerous. Lure your foes to where the beach meets the boat so you can quickly eliminate them and transport the eggs. This also allows you to funnel Salmonids into more confined walkways.

4. Practice The Weapons Beforehand

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Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

Every time Salmon Run unlocks users will be randomly assigned four different weapons. After each of the three rounds, players will be given a different gun to use against the Salmonids. Thankfully, you can see which firearms are picked for the day’s Salmon Run at Grizzco’s menu. It’s rare, but sometimes users will get a bunch of rather rare or obscure weapons like the chain gun or Slosher.

If you are unfamiliar with how these weapons work then pop over to the training room and practice for a few minutes. You do not want to be learning the pros and cons of a gun on the fly in this game mode. Especially if it’s one with extreme limitations like a roller or sniper rifle.

5. Be Liberal With Your Special Moves

Players seem to forget that they have two fully charged Special Moves right from the start of the game. That means across your squad you have eight exceptionally powerful moves that can devastate an entire wave or boss that’s trying to splat your teammates. People tend to hold onto these moves and sometimes never end up using them by the end of the final round. There is no reason not to use them so if you want to gain a  bit of breathing room just pop your Special Move.

However, try to save at least one Special Move for the third wave, as that round will typically send tons of boss Salmonids. Being able to quickly dispose of a boss when another one is roaming around can save you a lot of headaches. Remember, your Special Move will not be determined by what weapon you have equipped going into Salmon Run. Make sure to check out which Special Move you have before using them to ensure maximum damage.

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